3 Types Of Ergonomics – What Posture Are You?

August 27, 2021 0 Comment
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Every body is different. That also means every body works differently from each other including posture. Ergonomic plays a huge part in posture whether you have good posture — or bad posture.

What is Ergonomics?

Many of us have heard of ergonomics but what does it really mean? Ergonomics is the scientific understanding of interactions between people and elements of a system. In our case, the elements between you and your workstation — like how you sit. 

 It’s also sometimes called the “laws of work” since most ergonomic designs will try to remove any incompatibilities between people and their work environment.

Ergonomics as a whole is generally divided into three categories; physical, cognitive, and organizational.

Physical Ergonomics

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Most people will say that physical ergonomics is the most important and they are somewhat correct. It focuses on how to best physically suit your body, a lot like the ergonomic chair. This doesn’t apply to just furniture though it also applies to tools and equipment, especially in jobs that are more physically demanding like construction. Generally this category is focused on things like posture, body manipulation, movements, safety procedures, and health.

Cognitive Ergonomics

This is a somewhat small category, but it is important to people’s daily lives none-the-less. Cognitive ergonomics focuses on mental processes, like perception, memory, reasoning, and motor response. This can help people figure out how best to make things easier to remember or how best to make safety signs stick out. Sometimes it even helps to reduce stress in working environments.

Organizational Ergonomics

While physical and cognitive ergonomics have focused more on the individual side, organizational focuses on the entire workplace. This means it tries to build teamwork, improve morale, improve communications, and increase the output of labor in a workforce. It can also focus on issues of timetables, working rhythms, and modalities of activity (like physical presence vs remote work) to better improve and strengthen them.

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