Ergonomic Testing For Every Body

Correct Ergonomic is not something everyone thinks about — but it’s very important to be aware of. 

If you answered YES to any of these symptoms, you should get an Ergonomic Evaluation. 

Working from home has significantly increased since COVID started and many employees were left working remotely. While many of us have adjusted, it may be messing up your body. Working from a kitchen table, sitting on the couch with a laptop on your lap can leave any individual with an unhealthy posture.

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Why Do You Need An Ergonomic Assessment?

If you work from home or at a desk for longer than 2 hours per day, you need an ergonomic evaluation.

The assessment will identify whether or not your muscles, joints, and nerves are working together properly. An evaluation is conducted by a Muscle & Joints Specialist that looks at how the body is affected by movement and posture in relation to what your long-term tasks are during the day.

The evaluation will improve your posture, balance your body, and ultimately get rid of any pain caused by the bad posture.

Benefits From An Ergonomic Evaluation

An Ergonomic Evaluation can benefit anyone & everyone! With a trained professional you can experience:

  • Reduce or eliminate back pain, shoulder pain, or joint pains
  • Substantially improve productivity
  • Increases focus & reduce eye strains
  • Reduce the risk of sedentary prone surgeries
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Can also improve the digestion system

One hour can change your life by reducing pain points, improving their at quality of life, more energy, and feel overall better.

How Does It Work

Our Ergonomic Evaluation is easy and can be submitted all on your own. No in-person appointment is necessary. 

Purchase & Register

Purchase the Ergonomic Evaluation and enter your information for sign-up.

Download HIPAA Compliant App

Download the HIPAA Compliant App we email.

Send Pictures & Video Through The App

Take a couple of photos and a short video of your posture with the app.

Assessments & Reporting

Our specialist will assess the submission and return suggested solutions.


You will also get posture exercises with your report for improvement.

Progress Reassessment

We encouraged you to perform the remote assessment again to track your progress.

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Ready For Your Ergonomic Testing?

Ergonomic Evaluations are only $120 per person and you’ll receive customized exercises with your results. These are not automated assessments and evaluated by a live specialist who wants you to be pain-free!

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