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We help clients find what’s fun and joyful in their life with fitness. When your body starts refusing to do things it used to, like loss of strength, that’s where we come in. We view eating, movement, and health habits as a pathway to living life with purpose. We talk to clients about getting outside to play. About feeling better in their bodies, not exhausted, and pain-free.

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Strength Training With a Personal Trainer

Strength training or resistance training has you do exercises that increase your strength and endurance. Usually by improving these your body naturally adapts to having more stress put on it. If you feel tightness or pain while doing certain exercises this is a good sign that your body can’t handle the stress of those movements. This is good for people with chronic pain or joint issues since strength training will target those weak areas and improve them until they can take the stress of previously painful or tight movements.

Fitness Training With Muscle Activation

MAT or Muscle Activation Technique is a tool used by MASJ to assess and correct chronic pain throughout the body. This can be things like correcting muscular imbalances or improving range of motion within the body. MAT does this by finding and correcting the muscles that are causing tension, this way the body naturally reduces the tension in the area since it is no longer needed. It also helps improve muscle function since it focuses on getting rid of muscular imbalances caused by compensation in the body. 

Mobility & Flexibility Training

Training your body’s mobility and flexibility has many benefits, even if you don’t play sports. Your muscles will be looser and less tense as you increase your mobility. This means less aches and pain! It will also improve your posture and balance correcting any imbalances in your body. This also helps to prevent injuries since those imbalanced muscles Body Mobility and flexibility is an important element with fitness and prevent chronic pain illnesses.
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What To Expect On The First Visit With A Fitness Coach

On the first visit we ask that you make time for a 90 minute meeting where we will go over your health history, posture, joint by joint movement, and any problems you want addressed. Then we’ll set up some goals and exercises for you to do on a daily basis that are tailored to your needs.

After your first visit, we’ll give you ‘homework’ to do with our fitness coaching app and schedule a follow-up appointment in a week or two. Our goal is to correct your imbalance and strengthen through fitness where you only need to come in for check ups ranging from monthly to bi-annually depending on your health goals.

Why Is Fitness Important?

Fitness is important to maintaining your health, by not exercising regularly you risk your body’s health declining. This usually means things like diabetes or weight gain, which themselves come with more health problems. The main issue though is that your muscles wouldn’t be getting any use, so they would degrade and become weaker. 

This can lead to chronic pain as the underused muscles have to be pushed hard to get regular movements completed. Although exercise can also help your state of mind, as exercising can help to boost your mood and balance some daily activities. The main way it boosts your mood is by releasing endorphins and serotonin which are natural chemicals that make you happy.

How Our Fitness Training Helps

MASJ designs a workout plan with tailored exercises that target the problem areas. We can help with any chronic pain, joint issues, and fitness goals you have. It will also help to generally improve your strength, endurance, and mobility to make sure that other issues don’t develop. This is especially good for older folk who need that extra help to become less tense or reduce pain.

The key is to strengthen the weakest link and integrate with the rest of your body with my 5 Point System with your fitness trainer.

  1. I teach you how to increase the muscle’s ability to stabilize each joint in each plane of motion.
  2. You’ll increase the muscle’s ability to move the joint.
  3. You will increase the amount of muscle surrounding each joint.
  4. Learn how to increase the amount of power the muscles can generate at each joint in every plane of motion.
  5. Repeat the system so the body increases strength for the rest of your life.

What We Do At MASJ

We create a plan to improve your lifestyle and accountability. This includes structured exercises to help with chronic pain or joint issues. We also use tools to specifically determine where there needs work done in order to give you the tailored plan you need to take care of your health issues.

Our goal is to get you strong enough where you don’t need us anymore.

Exercising Affects Your Health

There are a plethora of health problems that come with lack of exercise, but the main issue is chronic pain caused by lack of muscle use. This pain can affect almost any part of your body. It can even cause issues for your arthritis because the muscles supporting the joints are weak and can’t support the joint function.

One hour can change a day can reduce pain points, promote weight loss, and feel better throughout the day.

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