Pain Management Treatment Plans

MASJ offers different plans to help clients maintain their overall health and work through their pain management. Since each patient’s level of need is different, our plans vary from single visits to package discounts.  You pick the therapy treatments to fit your needs. We may also incorporate Fitness Coaching, Strength Training, Mobility & Flexibility, and Nutrition.

Single Visit


  • 1 MAT appointment

4 Visits Package


  • 4 MAT appointments
  • 11% Savings

8 Visits Package


  • 8 MAT appointments
  • 20% Savings

What Happens At Your Appointment

At your first appointment: Our Muscle Activation Specialist will conduct a thorough analysis of your body’s mobility, flexibility, and pain points.  You will complete a Health History & Pre-Exercise Questionnaire to better understand your current state. After we have evaluated your history, the MAT Specialist conducts treatment even at your first visit.  

 Standard appointments: Each visit can be different depending on the patient and level of progress. The MAT personalized session with a Muscle Activation Specialist usually includes re-assessing, correcting, and planning pain management treatment. This may involve guided stretches, targeted muscle massaging, range of motion exercises, and related consulting. Some patients can find relief within the first visit or require a treatment plan for complex chronic pain.

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