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Having Surgery to Fix Chronic Pain

At MASJ, we see a lot of patients. After speaking with their doctor, many clients aren’t sure if they need surgery for their chronic condition. Most people want surgery to be the last resort and at MASJ, we completely agree.

Pre-Surgery Pain

With our unique technique on improving the communication between the brain and muscle, our goal is to correct the problem and avoid the need for surgery.

The primary function of your muscles is to stabilize your bones and joints and prevent unusual wear and tear. The reason why you have worn-out joints or torn ligaments/cartilage is that the muscles stopped doing their primary responsibility because of overuse, stress or injuries. At MASJ, Scott finds why and what muscles stopped protecting the bones and joints and performs the non-invasive technique to correct the problem. On Average 90% of these patients do not need surgery after treatment with MASJ. The other 10% have severe structural damage that requires invasive procedures (Surgery) to completely correct the problem.

Post Surgery

Recovering from Surgery, Physical rehab,

In order to perform surgery, your doctor must cut through muscle tissue. These cuts will sever the nerves that communicate with the central nervous system. Unless you re-establish the muscular ability to communicate with the central nervous system, your body will compensate during your recovery causing a muscular imbalance.

This muscular imbalance can cause problems in other areas of your body resulting in longer recovery time, more surgery rehabilitation, and in some cases more surgery. MASJ specializes in re-establishing the communication between the muscles and the central nervous system creating a proper motor function causing your tightness and chronic pain to go away.

At MASJ, 100% of our Post Surgery patients are able to return to their normal active lifestyle 35% sooner than traditional post-rehab programs with no lingering symptoms.

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