Sports Injury Rehabilitation in San Jose

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What is Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

Sports injury rehab is like physical therapy, with the aim of helping athletes treat pain and return back to optimal performance. We are a sports injury specialist with treatment plans that help return you to pre-injury function, include exercises to improve mobility restrictions, and prepare you to avoid re-injury. Most importantly get you back in the game much quicker than without treatment and prevent re-injury. Sport injury rehabilitation can help treat a multitude of athelete injuries, ranging from surgery rehab to strains.

7 Common Sports Injuries

  • Hip Flexor Strain: The hip flexors are muscles on the front of the thigh and help to lift the knee to the chest. A strain would make movements like walking up stairs or running painful.
  • ACL Tear: The ACL is a very important ligament that stabilizes the knee. Most often a tear occurs when trying to slow down and then make a quick turn. Typically a tear will cause swelling in the knee and make walking and turning uncomfortable.
  • Groin Pull: The groin muscles are located on the inner thighs and are used to pull the legs together. A groin pull happens when flexibility is limited or making a lot of side to side movements in quick succession.
  • Hamstring Strain: Poor stretching can lead to strains and the back of the thigh where the hamstring is located is more vulnerable to strains. The back of the thigh will normally start to bruise when a strain occurs.
  • Golfer’s Elbow: Usually caused by overuse when making repetitive motions with the arm, wrist, or hand. May lose strength in the affected area and/or feel pain when using the hand.
  • Shoulder Injury: One of the most common injuries in sports, since shoulders can be the weaker joints in the body and commonly under stress. Injuries to the shoulder can be anything from a sprain or fully dislocated.
  • Sciatica: An injury that causes radiating pain from the back down to the legs. Is most commonly caused by a bulging disc or pinched nerve in the back.
  • Head Injury: Typically the most serious injury that can cause damage to the nerve system and muscular communication connection with your body. It is possible to regain movement, strength, and sensitivity after a head injury during a sport with MAT.

Have a sports injury that still hurts?

No matter if it’s an old injury or a new injury, we can help expedite the recovery process!

5 Steps of Sport Injury Rehab

You want to protect the affected area and offload any weight that might be on it. This will protect it from further injury and will also give your body an environment that supports healing. Resting is important but you do want to get up and move around periodically as no movement might worsen the injury.

Once the injury has healed significantly it’s time to start retraining it back to what it was. In the case of muscle injuries, we work with you gradually to build strength with strength training. Over the course of the treatment plan, you will gain strength, mobility, usability. We keep the whole body in mind and don’t neglect your other muscles, so continue to train the unaffected areas as normal.

At this point you’ll be feeling as though you are ready to get back in the game. We still address things like cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular power, agility, and balance. They may have faltered a bit during the time with your injury and not addressing these could lead to re-injury.

Now you are ready to go back to your sport, but with moderation. We work with you  in easing back into playing and track your endurance until you are back to full time playing.

Injury prevention and continuous training is also an option after treatments. As a Fitness Coach and trainer we can help reach your goals and gain more in performance that is aimed at preventing re-injury.

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Sports Injury Treatment Plan

Sports injuries can happen when competing but there is hope for recovery with our treatment plans. Much like physical therapy, our treatment plans can help you get back to normal quicker than without treatment. The plans are designed to restore endurance, coordination, and flexibility back to what it was before the injury. While everybody is different, it will depend on the initial assessment and progress of treatment to determine the time to recover. We want surgery to be the last option considered for athletes as it can seriously impair their performance. This comprehensive therapy for sport injuries we conduct can help people heal without the need for surgery. 

What is MAT and How can it Help?

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) is a semi-new therapy that aims to treat injuries and chronic pain in a different way than normal therapies employ. Instead of massaging and stretching areas of pain or tension, which can cause more damage in some cases, MAT focuses on the root of the problem instead of the effects of the problem. The body’s natural response to an injury is to put pain or tension around the area, so taking that away would leave the injury exposed to more damage. MAT treats the underlying injury first. In doing that process, the body releases the pain, and tension goes away naturally.

Want To Get Back Into The Game?

Schedule your free consultation on how we can get you back to the sport you love without pain, increased strength, and endurance.

Is it Safe to Return to a Sport After an Injury?

As long as the injury has fully healed and you have done some easing back into activity it is completely safe to return to your sport. Even chronic sport injuries are able to return to sports as long as you know your limits, get guidence by a sports injury specialist, and stop when it starts to hurt.

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