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Muscle Activation San Jose is a comprehensive pain management practice that provides services to the San Francisco Bay Area & Remotely through our App. Our focus is improving the quality of life for every patient suffering from chronic pain. Whether you are in the area for an in-person appointment or use our App -- our goal is to eliminate bad posture, back pain, and chronic pain for good! Our App offers personalized care for people suffering from Back Pain, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Tendonitis, Fibromyalgia, Foot Pain, Sciatica, Sports Injuries and more. As a joint pain specialist in a non-invasive pain management, patients choose MASJ to avoid pharmaceuticals & surgery.

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The Benefits of Muscle Activation Technique

Muscle Activation Technique has many benefits for professional athletes to working employees suffering from chronic pain. MAT has been proven to reduce or eliminate pain in clients who once thought surgery was the only resort left. With athletes striving to improve their abilities, we help you reach those goals.

MAT Explores What Could Be Causing Pain

Pain is an indicator that something is wrong with the body. But it only tells you there is a problem, but not necessarily where the problem is. MAT is a series of checks and balances to see where the imbalances are located causing the pain.

Muscle Activation Relieves Pain Without Medication

Unlike most pain management clinics, we focus on relieving pain without the use of pain medications. Our technique is to detect the root point of chronic pain, develop a course of action for healing to relieve or eliminate pain through MAT.

MAT Improves Athletic Performance

By assessing the cause of tightness and/or pain, improving muscular strength and range of motion, and testing and correcting muscular capabilities, MAT allows athletes to enhance their performance when training or competing.

MAT Ensures That Muscles Are Functioning Properly

Muscles contract when information is sent from the Central Nervous System (CNS). Just like with any electric device, if there’s a bad connection then the device won’t respond. Muscles that aren’t receiving proper information or input from the CNS are not functioning properly. This results in muscle being to weak to stabilize joints and protect the body from injury.

MAT Helps Increase Range Of Motion

The tightening process is a protective mechanism when the body becomes unstable. The body can sense instability from the weakness in the muscular system. The CNS will tell the body to tighten up when it senses muscles are to weak to protect the joint. MAT discovers the weaknesses causing the body to tighten up and strengthens the muscles causing the body to relax. MAT removes the need to tighten up and protect the body.

Joint Pain Specialist, Scott Lamb, Fitness Trainer

Pain Management Specialist

Scott Lamb

Scott Lamb is dedicated to helping people find the joy of living in their body again and prevent athletes from future injuries. With a BS in Kinesiology, Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Resistance Training Specialist, Scott has proven results for his clients. He uses his years of experience combined with Muscle Activation Technique to improve the quality of life in his clients. Feel better than you did during your prime! Want your body to last as long as you can at your sport? Contact Scott today!

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Pain Management Services

MASJ treats a wide variety of conditions and people who suffer from pain. Proper nutrition and strengthening can play a huge role in managing or eliminating chronic pain. Our approach is non-invasive and includes One-on-One Attention, Pain Management Exercises, and Customized Plans that promote healing. Our goal is to eliminate the pain and improve your quality of life where you no longer need us.

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