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Chronic pain affects millions of people and is one of the most common issues in the United States.

What is Chronic Pain?

When people experience chronic pain, it’s like a trigger that’s malfunctioning or goes off. It doesn’t need to go off but because of the pain, it does much like a smoke detector with a dying battery. We know there’s no fire, yet the alarm still goes off periodically and can be very annoying.

When an individual feels pain, your nerves are anticipating a problem and sends signals to your brain. Your brain then sends signals out to your body targeting the danger causing pain and wanting to heal the problem.

When the signals from your brain are constantly going back and forth, your nervous system develops a habit of the signs, even when there is no danger to that part of your body anymore. The patterns carrying those signals have adapted to this new habit just like how your brain changes when you learn a new skill.

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