Corrective Exercise Program For Bad Posture & Back Pain

Stop Sitting In Pain

Tired of having bad posture and subsequent back pain? The Corrective Exercise Program is your answer. Our program ensures the correction of your posture to relieve common issues caused by bad posture. 

Our service is based on the principles of ergonomics that ensure the designing of human processes according to physiological and psychological processes. 

Our program is easy, secure, and done all through our app. No in-person appointment is necessary. 

Our Commitment To You

As a subscriber to our Corrective Exercise Program, we will continue to monitor your progress monthly. Each month you will receive an email for Re-Evaluation. Each month we will do an ergonomic evaluation to make sure your progress is staying on track and make adjustments to your exercises. Our commitment begins with your evaluation, and ends when you want it. No pressure.

Get Expert Help To Improve Posture

A defaulted posture is the result of not focusing on your physiological well-being — this can be totally unintentional but happens. Especially at work where your attention is not focused on how you’re sitting. 

This leads to back pain and sometimes it becomes worse, turning into cervical pain. If you want to improve your posture, you need to try our service which uses proper ergonomics to treat poor posture.

The Corrective Exercise Program offers a service to activate muscles through a special technique and series of exercises designed for you. This technique is based on Kinesiology, training, and research.

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Finally A Solution To Pain Caused By Bad Posture

The Corrective Exercise Program Includes:

When you start the Corrective Exercise Program because of bad posture or pain, it includes:

  • Analyze your whole physical history
  • Evaluate your posture
  • Movement patterns
  • Range of motion
  • Inspection of every joint for limitation
  • Include your symptoms and goals 
  • A customized plan is created just for you & your needs!
  • Monthly follow up assessments

The evaluation is completed by a fitness professional. We even evaluate how efficiently the neuro-muscular system is controlling the muscles at your joints.

We Can Fix Years Of Bad Posture

With more jobs having employees sitting for long periods of time — can take a huge toll on the body.  Sedentary jobs have higher risks of developing long term issues like:

  • MS – Multiple Scoliosis 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • High blood pressure
  • Bulging herniated discs
  • Headaches
  • Degenerative joint issues 

At MASJ, we want to avoid and repair issues like these with the Corrective Exercise Program. Our custom-designed programs target your issues with posture and movement to gently strengthen core muscles that are causing poor posture. Creating functional movements that help straighten misalignments and get you to the optimal human body form possible. This is how we fix years of bad posture with static stretching and strengthening through the program exercises.

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Athletes Can Benefit From Correction Exercise

This program also extends its benefit to athletes who are suffering from sports injuries. The imbalance of muscles can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. These imbalances caused by long-term problems result in chronic pain and stubborn injuries. 

You can expect our program to help with relieving excruciating pain. Strength and conditioning play a big part in finding balance within your body. Our MAT service particularly addresses the problems of most athletes and you can know how long the training is sufficient without causing any imbalance. Your muscles are tested for the intensity and frequency of workouts. This ensures the proper working of muscles without getting any cramps. 

Find Out If You Have Poor Posture

We offer experts who are proficient at correcting bad posture and activating muscles. They use the principles of ergonomics and chart out a plan for correcting the posture and relieving pain. Simple exercises that can be done at home and anywhere with ease. We treat imbalance also and sports injuries. Golfers who suffer the problem of muscle spasms can get their muscles activate by our program. 

We also offer treatment for arthritis. The people who suffer from arthritis can get treated for every joint by our service. We use proper ergonomics to treat bad posture and imbalance.

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