San Jose’s Guide to MAT Exercises for Neck Pain

Scott Lamb
June 29, 2023 0 Comment
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Welcome to ‘San Jose’s Guide to MAT Exercises for Neck Pain’, presented by your trusted local wellness experts at Muscle Activation San Jose. In this video, we provide practical, straightforward advice and exercises using Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) to help you alleviate and prevent neck pain.

Whether you’re a busy professional working in the heart of Silicon Valley, a remote worker based in San Jose’s charming Willow Glen neighborhood, or commuting daily to downtown San Jose, neck pain can affect us all. Our guide provides easy-to-follow MAT exercises that can be integrated into your daily routine, no matter where you are.

Find out how the Neck Tilt, Neck Turn, and Neck Stretch exercises can make a significant difference in managing and preventing neck discomfort. Discover how control and precision, the principles at the heart of MAT, can help ‘awaken’ your muscles, reducing strain and promoting wellness.

Muscle Activation San Jose is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for our local community here in San Jose, California.

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