knee pain, chronic pain in knee

Knee Pain

What makes knee pain difficult to address with traditional methods is that the knee is not like other joints in the body. Your knees are reactive joints, which can only move with the influence of either the hip or foot when you are standing and walking on the ground.

Our knees are like a bridge. Without a stable suspension system (Hip & Core) or foundation (Ankle & Foot) and the road (Knee), we drive on would be unstable and begin to crack and crumble (Tight & Pain). If all we do is address the cracks on the road without addressing the loose suspension system or wobbly foundation, the road will continue to crack.

MASJ will first assess the knee, foot, hip, trunk, and the rest of the body to confirm the root cause of your pain in the knee. Then we will treat the greatest vulnerability associated with your pain. After correcting the greatest vulnerability, we then will reassess to confirm the expected result and prescribe the next steps to keep your knee pain-free.

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