Rehabilitation After A Car Accident

Accelerate Your Recovery From A Car Accident Injury

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Unfortunately, accidents happen. It is very important that you seek medical help directly after the accident whether or not it was severe. Some injuries sustained in an accident can be masked by the adrenaline of the event and could send you in tons of pain later.

Car accidents can have very serious injuries with life-changing outcomes.  In your rehabilitation process, we work with you to optimize your recovery for increased mobility & flexibility, strength training, and reduce the root cause of pain to improve your quality of life. 

What is Injury Rehabilitation?

Injury rehabilitation or physical therapy helps you slowly get back to your old self after an accident. Whether it’s an injury caused by a car accident or a work injury, rehabilitation is necessary to regain mobility and reduce pain. Usually, this means that you’ll slowly start moving again, regain strength, or find new ways of accomplishing tasks that may have altered your way of life. 

Do You Need Help Recovery From a Car Accident?

No matter if it’s an old injury or a new injury, we can help expedite the recovery process!

5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Whiplash, which is a name for muscle, ligament, and/or tendon injuries. These occur the most frequently since they happen when you have a sudden impact. This usually causes some pretty nasty trauma on your muscles and causes muscular imbalance. This can take time to heal if you aren’t addressing the issue. Our recovery plans can help expedite the healing process and relieve the pain accompanied with whiplash.

Broken bones are pretty high on the list of common injuries in an automobile accident. Broken ribs are among the top bones we see impacted. Rib injuries are painful and they also take longer to heal. Due to the high impact of car accidents, they can be easily fractured. While broken bones are all painful and take time to heal, we work with you on the healing and strengthening process. Other common bone injuries we see are pelvic bone, Clavicle (collar bone), and Fibula (lower leg bone). No matter what is broken, we can help.

Back injuries tend to be what we see the most. Herniated discs happen when one or more of the vertebrae in your spine either shift or rupture. This can cause severe pain and a long journey for healing from back pain. In some old injuries, the herniated disc may not have healed properly, causing chronic back pain. We specialize in chronic pain and believe in a comprehensive approach before considering surgery.

Like other soft tissues, knee injuries can happen in a car accident as well. During a sudden stop, your knees could hit the dashboard. Usually, an accident like this could result in ligament or kneecap damage, which can be pretty severe if the damage is extreme. If you’ve experienced a knee injury from a car accident, we can help in your rehabilitation process. We work with you on pain management, recovery, mobility, and ultimately avoiding the need for surgery.


Why is Physical Therapy Necessary?

Physical therapy can significantly improve your healing process after an injury. Most people after an accident don’t realize the damage that was done to them until much later. Most times people doing their day-to-day lives experience some stiffness, pain, or range of motion issues that weren’t there before the accident. Much like physical therapy, Muscle Activation San Jose combines a series of exercises, mobility training, and resistance to reduce pain and promote recovery. MAT aids against the chances of doing more damage in the long term and reduce any pain you might experience.

Our goal is to get you pain-free and improve your quality of life.

Were You In a Car accident & Experiencing Pain?

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What is MAT and How can it Help?

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) is one of the best injury rehab/therapy out today. Most therapies will have you massaging tense or painful areas, but that can cause more damage. By massaging those areas and relieving the tenseness or pain, you remove the natural protection the muscles have placed on the injured area. Massage therapy or Chiropractics may remove that protection leaving the actual issue exposed for further injuries. Which could be something like a broken bone or a torn ligament.

MAT targets on fixing the underlying problem first which will then let the tense or painful areas naturally dissipate.

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