How Many Companies Are Moving To Remote Work in US

May 13, 2021 0 Comment
How Many Companies Are Moving To Remote Work in US | Muscle Activation San Jose

This time last year, many of companies that consisted of office working employees were forced to work remotely due to the pandemic. Its no secret that this was a ginormous change for employee and employer as these were uncharted waters. Since last year, working remotely has became a vibrant and semi-permeant solution to many companies who have employees that are desk ridden.

Majority Of Remote Employees Like Working From Home

The new era of remote work for millions of employed Americans had a significant shift in the way a large corporations use workforce operates in the future. Most workers who said their job responsibilities could be done from home say that, before the pandemic, they rarely or never the opportunity. 1 out of 5 employees say they worked from home all or most of the time. With the pandemic, 71% of those workers are doing their job from home either full time or selected days of the week. If given the choice, more than 50% say they want to keep working from home even after the pandemic, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

What Do Employees Think About Working Remotely

Remote workers that are full time at home now but rarely or never did before the pandemic, there have been some clear upsides associated with the shift to telework. 49% say they now have more flexibility to choose when they put in their hours. This is substantially higher than the share for teleworkers who were working from home before the pandemic, only 14% said they have more flexibility now.

How Many Companies Are Moving To Remote Work in US | Muscle Activation San Jose

In addition, 38% of new teleworkers say it’s easier now to balance work with family responsibilities compared to 10% of teleworkers who worked from home before the coronavirus. On the downside, 65% of workers who are now remote because of the pandemic say they feel less connected to their coworkers now. Among the already remote workers before covid, only 27% feel this way.

Remote work has been a success for both employees and employers according to the surveys and is more likely to continue after the pandemic. The shift in positive attitudes toward remote work in creased to 83% of employers now say they prefer remote work and feel it has been successful for their company. That is in comparison to 73% back in June 2020. With more employees working from home, it also present the problem of having a proper workplace as most residential homes are not set up according to proper ergonomics. Want to make sure your workplace and posture is correct or suffering from back pain already? Check out our Ergonomic Body Assessment for remote workers.

Corporate Office Are Not Going Away

Corporate offices are here to stay and even with the abrupt switch to working remotely has only changed a few companies perspective on staying remotely. Less than 1 out of 5 executives say they want to return to the office as it was pre-pandemic. Many companies are still assessing how widely to extend remote work options with full time remote work or partial. Here in San Jose and San Francisco, we already see many companies placing limitations on remote options with requiring employees to work in office 3 days a week. In other parts of the US, only 13% of executives prepared to let go of the office for good. Meanwhile, 87% of employees say the office is important for collaborating with team members and building relationships — their top-rated needs for the office. 

Will Employees Return To The Office?

Remote employees who were not originally remote before the pandemic do want to return to the office but more slowly than employers expect. By July this year, 75% of executives anticipate that at least half of office employees will be working in the office again.

It is more likely that some companies will have a hybrid option with employees working remotely part of the time while still coming into the office a couple days a week for collaboration.

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