Get Your Remote Employees An Ergonomic Evaluation

Working from home has significantly increased since COVID started and many employees were left working remotely. While many of us have adjusted, it may be messing up your employees body. Working from a kitchen table, sitting on the couch with a laptop on your lap can leave any individual with an unhealthy posture.

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Ergonomic Body Assessments For Remote Employees

The assessment will identify whether or not your employees muscles, joints, and nerves are working together properly. A body assessment is usually conducted by a specialist in muscle and joints that looks at how the body is affected by movement and posture in relation to the job. 

Doing a body assessment for remote employees ensures they are able to do their jobs in their home environment doing day to day tasks. 

What To Expect During an Evaluation

When an employee schedules a Body & Ergonomic Evaluation, they meet a specialist who will evaluation these areas:

  • First, they will inspect how they walk, stand, and posture.
  • Checking their current footwear, desk setup, and chair settings.
  • They might have the employee do an RS scan or impression which will show force, impulse, and pressures on the body.
  • They will check the mobility and strength of the joints and muscles.
  • They will discuss and assess any specific symptoms the employee is having and give advice on posture improvement, stretching exercises, and other treatment options.

How Does This Help Your Company?

Benefits of offering a Body and Ergonomic Assessments with a trained professional to your remote employees:

  • Substantially improve productivity
  • Reduce Workers Compensation claims
  • Increases focus & produces better work
  • Improving company morale
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Lowers the cost of healthcare premiums

One hour can change an employees life by reducing pain points, improving their at home workspace, and feel included by your company all while working remotely.

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How Is Working From Home Different Than Working In The Office?

Many companies follow an ANSI-HFS standard when designing and developing their workspace and computer workstations. Majority of the furnishing comes from ergonomic furniture and accessories suppliers.

No one intended for employees to suddenly work from home so most residential settings were not set up for full time desk work. Most don’t have the space to accommodate ergonomic office furniture or have the money to invest into it.

Remote employee wellness is extremely important for a company which is why we offer Ergonomic Body Assessments.

How to Tell If Your Biomechanics Are Messed Up

A Biomechanical Assessment identifies whether or not the employees muscles, joints and nerves are working together in a proficient manner to ensure no injury or pain occurs. There are a few ways to tell if an employee’s biomechanics need a check up. Most commonly are complaints about lower back, heel, hip, or nerve pain. These pain points can be caused by a sudden change in posture, work environment, or ergonomics. 

A great example would be sitting at a desk. A majority of tech company employees are sedentary jobs. Creating a proper work environment can help your employee’s biomechanics function properly without pain. Working at a desk can cause other pain points like wrist, neck, and headaches so a body assessment is an important evaluation to do since it shows how the muscles and joints function while at work and how to avoid pain and other health issues. 

New Ergonomic Setups Need A Body Assessment

Sedentary jobs involve light physical activity meaning technology employees are sitting at a desk for long periods of time. When a new setup is introduced even if it’s more ergonomic, it is still new for the body and may need help adjusting. A Biomechanical Assessment will evaluate the new body’s composition with the new setup so your employee isn’t developing any incorrect postures. Building a proper pathway to pain-free sedentary employees.

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