Eat This, Not That Recipes

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Eat Healthier with These Easy Snack Replacements

The one thing to remember is; there will always be an excuse to eat poorly. It is my wife’s birthday, its ok to have cake. Tomorrow, work is providing Chinese food for lunch. Tonight, I am too tired to cook, I’ll just grab a burrito. There will always be excuses we can make for ourselves to not eat healthier and it adds up fast. The solution is to hold yourself accountable. Only you can make the choice to eat better because the people who do encourage you like your fitness trainer or family won’t always be around. You can sneak that chocolate bar when no one is looking but who does that really impact, yourself. We know your time is valuable and have some great alternatives to help you. 

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Lets face it, here in the Bay Area everyone is strapped for time. Whether you work 2 jobs, commute 2-4 hours a day, or have a family to take care of, we are busy. Many of use put off eating healthy out of convenience. It is much easier to drive through McDonalds after work while you eat the quarter pounder in the car on your drive home. Others may see it as a lower priority than getting that last report submitted before the end of the day. 

Eat This instead of That

  • Potato Chips: Seems like everyone’s go-to grab n go snack. Full of carbs and unrefined fats that wont even curve your hungry. 

Eat this instead:

  • Kale Chips – Packed with tons of Vitamin A and K, these tasty treats can help with your snacking urges. They may be a super leafy green but here is a Kale Chips recipe that takes a cheesy approach. Don’t know how to cook? Buy a bag on amazon – Healthy Snack Kale Chips
  • Popcorn – Plain or lightly buttered air popcorn. Get a bag, pop it, its portable and is filling. 
  • Candy Bars: With Halloween around the corner, candy will be all over. Our bodies naturally crave sugar and there are good ways to help satisfy that craving. 

Eat this instead:

  • Protein bars – Though some are better than others, they contain a great source of protein which helps you stay full longer. Many protein bars come in chocolate which is perfect for those chocolate bar cravings. Power Crunch is a light and crispy bar that feels like not much, it packs 13g to 15g of protein.
  • Dark Chocolate 65% or more – Chocolate isn’t that bad for you as it contains antioxidants. It’s the added ingredients to make your chocolate bar that adds up. Keep it simple with plain chocolate like Lily’s Dark Chocolate Bars

Try these great recipes to exchange items that are more healthier than its contender:

Spaghetti – Spaghetti with Spaghetti Squash

Brownies – Black Bean Brownies

Ice Cream – Peach Frozen Yogurt

Hamburger – Naked Turkey Burger

Don’t forget that a healthy diet can impact health issues whether they are long term or short term. Nutrition is a big factor in rehabilitation from anyone losing weight to eating foods to decrease inflammation in their body. Would you like nutritional guidance on eating better to improve your achy body? Lets get started, contact us for a free consultation

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