New Rehabilitation After Injury

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New Rehabilitation After Injury

One of the biggest complaints we see in clients is that rehabilitation takes time. As we get older, our bodies take longer to heal from injuries. Rehabilitation after illness or injury is a slow step-by-step process that is meant to help in your recovery. Rehab might help you to get moving again, regain your strength, and improve your way of life altogether. 

How Long Does it Take to Recover From an Injury?

Your path to recovery from an injury really depends on the injury you’ve suffered. We see many clients who believed they would have to live with chronic pain due to an injury. In a lot of cases, that is not true. Though it may take time for your body to recover and rebuild strength, we like to think positively in finding the solution to a recovering patient. Getting an assessment of your body’s current state is the best idea. This can pinpoint the source of your injury for the process of recovery to begin. Want a Free Assessment on your body and its abilities? Want to get a course of action for relieving pain? Schedule a Free Consultation at MASJ

Can You Do Injury Rehab on Your Own?

For the most part, rehabilitation can take place in rehab centers, hospitals or private offices. Sometimes people are admitted as inpatients, but others attended outpatient rehab or were treated in their own homes. In severe cases inpatient rehabilitation is necessary but if that’s not your case, Muscle Activation Technique may work for you.

How Rehabilitation Treatment with MAT Can Help You?

Your rehabilitation program will be tailored to your needs. Depending on your injury, rehabilitation may help you regain movement and strength, or range of motion. Muscle Activation Technique can aid in these ways:

  • Increase movement, strength, and endurance
  • Help to learn how to look after yourself with an injury
  • Regain movement without using aids like canes or crutches
  • Pain management
  • Ability to do daily tasks
  • help to return to work, leisure and family activities
  • Increase the quality of life

Rehabilitation Costs 

Out-of-pocket expenses can increase significantly depending on the provider. Some clinics are covered by your health insurance or even Medicare. Costs will vary depending on your needs and whether you are a public patient. With MASJ, we offer different levels of monthly subscriptions that fit your needs and your pocket. Individual treatments are also available.

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