How to Overcome Self-esteem Issues with your Body

September 2, 2020 0 Comment
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Society today has a vicious image that too many people may seem unrealistic. While many of us have full-time jobs, are students, or tend to our families, it’s hard to rationalize what the average person should look like. We are constantly reminded of what an “ideal” body or face should look like, but realistically — we all have flaws. Just like every celebrity, model, and public icon.

Many people have self-doubts or self-esteem issues about themselves. Constantly people are shown unrealistic beauty standards and it might make us “regular folks” feel a little insecure about ourselves.

Well, we are here to remind you, everyone is unique. You may not have the perfect skin or hair, but flaws are what make you — you! In nature, nothing is perfect or calculated. Nature is organically asymmetrical, just like you and me.

Thankfully there are many ways we can improve how we feel about our bodies.

Take Care of Yourself

Make sure you’re exercising and trying to eat at least somewhat healthily. This will both make you feel better about your body and it will make your body feel healthier. Exercising also helps release endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, and endocannabinoid, which are basically the chemicals that make you happy. So exercise helps you feel better mentally too! Get out and take a walk or jog every day and try to eat less junk food as highly processed foods have been shown to increase blood pressure which can make you feel sluggish.

Avoid Social Media

Social media is a great source of unrealistic beauty standards. In some recent studies, Social media has been linked to individuals having low self-esteem as social media allows us to view people with completely unrealistic bodies and appearances. With all the available technology like PhotoShop and filters, it’s hard to decipher what is fake and what is real. Dropping Facebook and Social Media may not be for everyone as it does help people stay connected with each other.

We actually recommend Social Detox. Try signing out of your Social Media Platforms for a couple of days. This may not change your self-image but it will reduce the stress and impulse to scroll through your Instagram to decrease your exposure to unrealistic expectations.  

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Have Confidence in Yourself

While it is nice to receive compliments, you shouldn’t make these compliments your only source of confidence. Many people struggle with confidence because they may feel the constant eye of judgment. While this is a hard obstacle to overcome, one can gain plenty of confidence by knowing their self-worth. Acknowledge your gifts and remind yourself what you like about yourself.

Have something you don’t like about your body? Change it! Whether it’s losing weight, bulking up, getting that radiant skin — today’s technology and professionals can help. We always suggest conservative ways to improve your body through exercise and a clean diet.

Appreciate Yourself

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You need to realize that nobody is perfect and that trying to achieve this vague goal of perfection will only lead to you letting yourself down. If you do happen to go onto social media take everything you see with a grain of salt, as most images you’ll see on there are heavily edited. Also, take note of what you like about your body and write it down in a list. When you start to feel insecure go back to that list, maybe even in time you’ll start to find other parts of yourself beautiful!

Always remember that the beauty standards of today are way too unrealistic and they cannot be achieved without the help of lots of photo editing or worse — surgery. If you start to feel down try exercise. We see the biggest motivation for people making changes to their bodies is the drive to look and feel better about themselves.

If that doesn’t do it, to remind us they are human beings too, here are some wonderful bad photos of celebrities.

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