When to See a Specialist About Golfers Elbow

November 11, 2020 0 Comment

Many golfers and non-golfers alike suffer from golfer’s elbow from time to time. Sometimes though, this golfer’s elbow can be very hard to get rid of and you may be wondering when to see a doctor about it.

What is Golfer’s Elbow?

Golfer’s elbow is when the tendons and muscles that control your wrists and fingers get damaged. It is often caused by overuse or stress due to forceful wrist and finger motions. It happens more in golfers when they repeatedly hit the ball incorrectly or use improper swinging techniques.

How is it Usually Treated?

What most doctors will recommend is to take it easy for a few days, repeatedly ice the area of pain, and take some anti-inflammatory medication. It really is that simple for most folk as golfer’s elbow is just a small sprain caused by overuse. However, for some people the pain doesn’t go away after a few days of rest and when this happens it would be best to see a joint pain specialist.

What Could be Done Now?

When ice, rest, and anti-inflammatories don’t work your specialist may suggest a counterforce brace. This brace will reduce strain on your muscles and tendons as well as keep pressure off your inflamed muscles. They may also recommend stretching and strengthening exercises. At Muscle Activation San Jose, we focus on recovery from these types of injuries from golfing or everyday activity. We work with you to get your range of motion back and reduce pain through stretching and strengthening. These should help with the pain and completely get rid of your golfer’s elbow, but if not then more extreme measures will be taken.

If the pain is still persistent then your doctor may want to get a musculoskeletal ultrasound study or MRI. This will help them see if you have a tear in one of your muscles or tendons. Corticosteroid injections have been a common treatment in the medical industry to alleviate pain from tears, but they are not an effective long-term solution. 

What is a Tenotomy Procedure?

When doctors have tried everything else, it may be time to look into ultrasonic percutaneous tenotomy. This procedure is to remove damaged tissue that doesn’t heal on its own. 

In the procedure, a doctor using ultrasound for guidance will insert a needle into the damaged area of the tendon. Then ultrasonic energy causes the needle to vibrate so swiftly that the tissue liquifies and the needle sucks it out. After the procedure the tendon should start to grow back and repair itself properly.

Whether you are trying to avoid this surgery altogether or had the procedure already, we can help. We see clients with pre and post surgery outlets and assist in the recovery process.

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