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What is Strength Training?

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Strength training comes in a lot of different names, such as weight training or resistance training, but ultimately they are all pretty much the same. Strength training involves doing exercises to improve your strength and endurance which have numerous benefits. This can be achieved using many different methods, which might include lifting weights or body weight,  and resistance bands. Either way, they serve to achieve the same goal in improving strength and endurance.

How Does Strength Training Help with Chronic Pain?

By using strength training, it improves the muscles around bone and cartilage which will improve the body’s ability to support them. By doing repetitive full range-of-motion exercises it improves the metabolic exchange which will then help repair joints like lumbar discs in the back. Resulting in reducing or eliminating chronic pain. Strengthening the muscles takes the pressure off the joints which relieves chronic pain symptoms as well.

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Strength Training For Seniors

Strength training will make you stronger, but it will also increase your agility and flexibility. These are pretty important, especially to older folk because the body will be looser and less tense. 

Leading to less chronic pain. It will also improve posture and balance that can reduce chronic back pain. We work with all body types and ages, especially the active elderly. 

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Strength Training for Rehabilitation

Recovering from an injury can take time. With Muscle Activation San Jose, we asset the whole body and client history for the most accurate treatment plan. In our treatment plans, they may include a level of strength training along with other exercises and treatments for injury rehabilitation. 

Physical therapy may also part of an injury rehabilitation recommended by a doctor. Since rehab can be a long-term process, our treatment can still help you recover from injuries and sometimes expedite the recovery time.

How Can Muscle Activation Help?

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) is a whole-body assessment and treatment tool like no other. With a proper assessment, MAT can pinpoint where the muscular imbalances are located then properly treat them. Our MAT Specialist knows that tension and pain are used to naturally protect an area from more injury.  

These treatments are very different from most therapies as they sometimes miss the underlying cause. Strength training is a big part of a treatment plan as we correct muscular imbalance to strengthen its counterpart. We don’t want to remove the natural protection and leave the area exposed to further injury like most therapies would. We focus on the root issue, create a treatment plan that works to get rid of pain and increase strength

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How Does MAT & Strength Training Work?

Within your assessment, MAT can determine the best treatment plan for you that will help you recover from an injury or simply reach a goal. 

MAT incorporates strength training to balance and gain muscle. As the only MAT Specialist in the South Bay, we work with trainers and clients to help establish proper strength training techniques. First-timers to gyms who want to gain muscle or balance their structure always need a trainer in case they perform an exercise wrong and hurt themselves. We make sure you are doing the exercises properly and without risk of injury.

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