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Why Choose Us To Fix Your Mobility & Flexibility Issues?

Unlike most therapies, MASJ assesses and treats the root of the problem instead of massaging and stretching the muscles around it.

When dealing with mobility and flexibility training, it helps to assess which muscles should be worked on first and whether they should go through flexibility or mobility training first. This is how we can help. It’s important to evaluate the body’s limitations when training or healing because mobility works off of flexibility, so trying to train in mobility first could lead to injuries.

This can be especially important when dealing with injury rehabilitation, as the body has tensed up muscles around the injury to protect it. Removing that protection, as some therapies do, would be detrimental and typically won’t resolve the root problem. 

Does Your Body Feel Stiff & Need a Tune-Up?

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Increase Your Mobility & Flexibility

MASJ offers customized plans tailored to your needs. If tightness and pain are the issue, we create a set of exercises, workouts, and combine it with Muscle Activation to improve your flexibility and mobility. MAT stands for Muscle Activation Technique and can be used for a multitude of health problems, like chronic pain, joint instability, and injury rehab


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Why is Mobility and Flexibility Important?

There are actually many benefits to training your body’s mobility and flexibility, even if you don’t play sports. First off, your body will feel a whole lot better since your muscles will be looser and less tense. This means less aches and pain! It will also improve your posture and balance since it will help correct any imbalances in your body. This also helps to prevent injuries since those imbalanced muscles will no longer be straining nearby muscles. Overall increasing strength makes you stronger like Strength Training.

What is Mobility and Flexibility?

Body Mobility is the ability of a muscle to be lengthened. It’s also usually described as being active because it requires you to actively move your muscles. Flexibility is the ability to control movement through a range of motions. It is sometimes described as passive since it allows your muscles to move when being acted on by an outside force. 

To put this in other words, mobility is how fast you can run and jump over hurdles while flexibility is how far you can go to reach your toes while standing. You can’t train only one portion, because mobility requires you to have a degree of flexibility in order to properly train.

This is why both Mobility and Flexibility work together to help your body function properly without pain.

Mobility and Flexibility In Older Age

Mobility and flexibility training is especially important for assisted living seniors since they are more prone to injury and inactivity. Keeping fit can also help reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetes. Clients range from teenagers to seniors looking to become healthier or build strength. Don’t let an aging body slow you down. Sometimes it even helps seniors stay independent and improve their quality of life.

powerlifters need flexibility, mobility training

Why Mobility and Flexibility Is Important For Powerlifters

Another group of people that could gain from improving their flexibility is powerlifters. This has been a debated subject as some powerlifters can say there is a degree of ‘tightness’ that is required to lift properly. While in some cases that may be true, tight hamstrings in lifters can actually cause lower back pain, and sometimes it can be hard to get into the most optimal position. We create specific flexibility exercises for you so you’ll be safer from injuries and your lifting stance will improve dramatically.

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