Pain Management & How a Specialist Can Help

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Pain Management and How a Specialist Can Help

Everyone experiences pain at some point in their lives. It’s not a great feeling and while traditional medicine can offer a wide range of pill cocktails, there is always an alternative. A pain specialist is able to identify the root source of the pain and work with you on correcting it to relieve pain.

How Do You Manage Severe Pain? 

Managing pain doesn’t mean you need to live with the pain or become numb to it. Pain management is defined by easing the suffering and improving the quality of life for people living with chronic pain. Pain can also affect the whole body by causing stress, anxiety, and muscular imbalance. Decrease the pain, and more likely the other systems will dissipate as well. The burning question is, how do we get rid of the pain? Well if popping pills are not something you prefer to do as a solution, there are pain specialists who can help. 

Many articles will talk about coping with pain, we talk about relieving pain. Pain Specialists refer to muscular imbalance as most reasons people have chronic pain. All our joints in the body are surrounded by muscles that help us move. If a muscle on one side of a joint becomes tight from overuse, it can cause the muscles on the opposite side to become weak from lack of use. This is called a muscle imbalance. Muscle Activation San Jose uses Muscle Activation Technique to address the muscular imbalance by strengthening the weak muscles and relieve the muscles that are overused and too tight. By targeting these muscles and applying exercises that stretch and strengthen, the imbalance in those muscles surrounding the joints become stronger altogether. Giving those muscles being overused a chance to heal, the pain will decrease and joint muscles get stronger. In addition to stretching and strengthening weak muscles, a healthy diet and adequate sleep can also improve the quality of life.

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What Type of Pain Conditions Can a Pain Specialist Help With?

The most common cause of people managing pain is due to an injury. A slip in the store, lifting too much weight, or athlete injury are all common injuries we would see in clients with pain. In other cases, it is caused by overuse. The amount of stress we put our bodies through in today’s society is unbelievable from sitting at a desk for hours or in a car commuting. Below are some examples of conditions causing pain MASJ can help with:

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