Pain Management Specialist in San Jose CA: Chronic Pain

July 8, 2020 0 Comment

What is Chronic Pain?

Many people suffer from chronic pain and need to see a specialist in order to treat it. Chronic pain is like a malfunctioning trigger that goes off periodically for no perceivable reason. When you feel pain, your nerves send signals to your brain which then sends out signals to the area causing the pain to tell the body to heal it. But when these signals are constantly being sent out, your nerves get into a habit of sending these signals even when there is no danger or injury at the site of the pain. There are many different types of chronic pain such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, back pain, knee pain, and pre/post surgery.

Physical Therapists and Pain Management

There are many different ways of treating pain, but not all of them are equal. Some therapists try to influence patients’ feelings and experiences of the pain in order to lessen it enough to start physical therapy. Most of the time, physical therapists try to focus on strengthening and flexibility exercises in order to make it easier to move without discomfort. They might also focus on improving your posture and the way you move to make it easier on your body. There are also massage therapies that either do deep tissue massages or hot and cold techniques to get blood flowing and relieve tension. TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy uses electrical current to help reduce muscle spasms, but the machine is quite large.

The best therapy option though has to be MAT, Muscle Activation Technique.

All about MAT

MAT stands for Muscle Activation Therapy, which focuses on improving the range of motion within the body and correcting muscular imbalances and joint instability. 

How Is Muscle Activation Different?

Unlike most therapies that focus on treating the muscles that are tight or in pain, MAT realizes that the tension is caused by the body as a form of protection to stabilize joints. With MAT they focus on finding and correcting the original problem muscles, and once they are corrected the tension in your body will lessen since it is no longer needed. 

Addressing The Problem

Most therapies might start focusing on stretching and massaging the tight muscles without addressing the original problem which can end up doing more damage or cause an injury since they get rid of the body’s natural protection and stability. MAT makes sure to not remove this protection and focuses on increasing the range of motion through activated muscles.

Comprehensive Pain Management

MAT aims to improve muscle function without inhibiting the muscles job of preventing compression of joints and bones. MAT is even useful for older bodies that have muscular imbalances, joint instabilities, and dysfunctional movement patterns by finding what and how your body is compensating for and fixes it so you can move and function pain-free.