Muscle Activation Technique vs. Physical Therapy

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Exciting Results For Muscle Activation Technique vs. Physical Therapy

We hear many stories from clients who have gone to the ends of the earth and back looking for a solution to their pain. Trying massage therapy, chiropractic, expensive physical therapy, and harsh pain medication. Whether it’s back pain, arthritis, Scoliosis, knee or hand injuries. They all tend to follow these patterns before discovering MAT ( Muscle Activation Technique). 

The issue with these “therapies” is that they don’t fix the cause of the pain. Physical Therapy has a different goal which is range of motion. When our bodies get injured or breakdown, it protects itself by tightening weak areas. Much like tensing up when people see they are going to get rear-ended or any time we are in danger.

What Is The Difference Between MAT and Other Therapies?

Therapy, whether physical therapy, massage therapy, or chiropractic treatment, is about trying to release tension and increase ROM. Muscle Activation is different. Instead of getting muscles to relax like massage, it’s actually getting muscles to tighten and contract properly. The goal is to strengthen weak muscles so other muscles taking up the work can relax and provide stability.

How Does Muscle Activation Work?

We believe that the muscle tightness that frequently leads to injury, like recurring injury, is a symptom of the underlying cause. This would be a weakness in a particular muscle that leads to the tightness of the surrounding muscles to compensate. The goal of Muscle Activation Technique is to identify and strengthen this weak muscle to allow your body to become more flexible, strong and healthy. Naturally.

A Muscle Activation Specialist’s goal will be similar to a physical therapist. To treat your chronic pain or injury through a variety of targeted stretching and strengthening exercises. Muscle Activation Technique attempts to identify the underlying cause of the injury while looking at the whole body, rather than the injured body part itself.

How Does MAT Compare with Pain Medication?

It’s the same with masking the pain with drugs. We believe some injuries can require pain medication prescribed by a doctor. Pain medication is realistically meant for short term use and can be highly addictive. Ultimately it’s faulty logic for long term issues with revolving injuries while the root of the problem hasn’t been addressed.

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Does Muscle Activation Technique Work?

Many swear by MAT from professional athletes down to us regular people. Clients claim its benefits are instantaneous. Although some may experience the benefits immediately, some may see slight improvements gradually. Increase range of motion, and just feeling better have been all common remarks after the first one or two sessions doing MAT. 

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