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Muscle Activation Techniques has proven to improve your golf swing by strengthening specific muscles and increasing the range of motion. A rotational sport like golf requires power and precision from your body and mind. While our body may feel adequate, your backswing potential could be improved. Driving that ball farther down the green. 

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Golfing has become more prominent and popular since Covid started. While it’s great that people are getting out and learning a new sport or improving their game, some professional golfers have also been affected by COVID-19 . Athletes like Bryson DeChambeau use Muscle Activation Technique to get in shape to improve his golf swing. Coached by founder Greg Roskopf of Muscle Activation Technique,  Bryson was able to strengthen his obliques and mind-to-muscle connection that is typically overlooked in golf.

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How to Get Consistent Golf Swings?

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Muscle Activation Technique helps golfers with their swing by focusing on their core, hips, and forearms. Everyone wants the perfect swing. To achieve it, we improve specific muscles, communication from brain to nerves responses, and strengthening to produce a powerful and efficient golf swing. 

How Can Muscle Activation Help my Golf Swing?

Getting the perfect golf swing does take practice, but it also requires a degree of precise motion. For a great swing, you need control. Your brain links the precise movements, tension, and the relationships with timing them together to help you swing with speed and consistency. By training this way, it creates an impression for the swing itself as muscle memory. This all requires the most precise of movements and a good grip. Some people may not have the ability to do this on their own, but with MAT we know what parts of your body to focus on.

MAT offers the chance for people to improve their life in general, but also to improve their golfing swing. It can help you get better motion control, so you can make the most precise movements consistently. Using activated muscles, MAT can help these problem muscles heal, so you can have better range of motion for that swing! This can also help your grip, because your grip can’t be too tight or too loose for a good golf swing

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Golf Swing Body Mechanics Specialist

While there are many factors that create an optimal golf swing, Muscle Activation can work with you on an individual basis to identify what area needs improvement to get a proper golf swing. We specialize in body mechanics where golfing professionals and athletes seek guidance to improve their game. By specifically addressing individual muscle function at the neurological level, we create a bridge of communication that allows the golfer to level the imbalance issues causing their swing to be inconsistent. Muscle Activation Techniques is a great tool to improve your golf swing by increasing overall body flexibility, mobility, stability and strength all in one session.

Beginners to Golf Swing Tips

After you have gone through MAT, your range of motion and grip improved, you can finally get the perfect swing going. 

Golf Club Grip

Make sure you’re gripping the golf club at the correct place and have a firm but gentle grip. If you have a tight grip on your club your swing will be too rigid and you might slice the ball. 

Outside Elements

Remember to take everything slow, check the wind direction, observe your surroundings, check if there is a sun glare that could be in your eyes. 

Control Over Power

When you swing, don’t put all your power into it because that will just make the ball veer off. Instead put that power into keeping your arms steady, but relaxed and move your hips and torso with the swing. Finally, always keep your eye on the ball.

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