Winter Break With The Kids – Fun Ideas To Do With The Family

December 22, 2021 0 Comment

It is freezing outside, and the kids are bored to death. Something has to be done fast and soon.

With a lot of time at hand it’s hard to keep them busy or entertained without being mesmerized by the TV or phone. Try these twelve easy and fun activities together to enjoy each other’s company during this winter break.

reading a book to kids

 Pick A Book To Read

If you have younger kids in the home and they are getting stir crazy, try something to slow them down. Have them pick out a book of their choice, possibly a holiday-themed one, get the blankets and snuggle up together by the fireplace. Take turns to read the story aloud to the family or have one person do it. It is an excellent way to bond by sharing some quality time and sneak in some learning while away from school.

Write A Letter To Santa

While everyone has their own traditions and beliefs, our Christmas usually includes sharing stories about Santa to the young ones. Stirring their imagination with the thought of Santa delivering presents is something many parents enjoy. Have the kids each write to Santa about what they want for Christmas and why they deserve it this year. Expressing themselves this way makes it easy to figure out what gift your kids want.

Donate A Toy To Charity

This is a great opportunity to teach for any age. Cultivate compassion and generosity in your kids by encouraging them to pick out a toy or two to donate to another kid in need.

Bake & Decorate Cookies

baking cookies with kids

The holiday season can bring out the creativeness in everyone, adults and kids. Baking is not only fun, but it also encourages children’s creativity, thinking, and problem-solving skills. Not to mention the tasty treats you get to enjoy afterwards or share with family and friends. 

Make Christmas Cards

Receiving a handmade gift is such a special treat. Make Christmas cards with your kids, and you will discover that they all put a personal touch to each of their cards. Family and friends, especially grandparents, will be thrilled to receive these.

Have A Christmas Movie Marathon

Christmas movies are plentiful so you have enough to choose from. Have each one of the family members choose their favorite movie. Hot cocoa at hand, curl up on the couch, and enjoy a kid-friendly movie marathon, introducing them to some of the classics and indulging in the new ones.

Boards Games

Make the game more interesting by having the family compete for actual prizes. Spend the day having fun, laughing hard, and making memories.

Volunteer At A Shelter

Volunteering can instill a strong sense of self-worth in people. Teaching our children to be kind to others no matter their background is important. It can raise your self-esteem and make you feel great knowing that you are contributing to the betterment of others.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Hide different treasures around the house and have the family solve riddles to get clues on hidden gems. This is a fun way to kill time and help kids practice problem-solving skills naturally and tangibly.

snow day with the kids

Build A Snow Sculptures

If you are one of the fortunate people who live in the snow or traveling to the snow this holiday season, this adventure is for you. Playing in the snow sparks creativity and exercise. A very popular snow sculpture is the snowman. This is an activity that the whole family enjoys. 

Make Some Ornaments For The Tree Inside

Save money and create memories by making handmade personalized ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree. 

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