Why Pain Medication isn’t Working Anymore

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Why Pain Medication isn’t Working Anymore

Chronic pain is a very serious and common problem these days and most doctors don’t do much more than prescribe pain medication. Sometimes though, the pain medication starts to stop working and your pain starts to come back with a vengeance. 

Why Aren’t My Pain Pills Working Anymore?

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Most doctors will prescribe you an opioid to relieve pain, whether it might be chronic like a back condition or short-term like after getting out of surgery. Opioids are a very slippery slope, not even considering the addictive properties. The fact is after some usage, your body will start to inevitably get used to the medication. This means that you’d have to keep taking higher and higher doses to get the same amount of pain relief. Opioids may be fine for more short term pain, but in cases of more long term chronic pain this will not work out.

What to do to Relieve Pain Without Opioids

Exercise is a very good way to relieve pain, as it strengthens the muscles around where you are having pain and also releases endorphins, a natural painkiller. 

Icing and heating the area of pain is another good pain reliever. Just take an ice pack or heating pad and put it on the place that hurts. Try out both ice and heat to figure out which works better for you.

Nutrition and weight loss can also massively improve how bad your chronic pain is. By losing weight you’d be putting less stress on your body so there would be less pain. Proper nutrition will help your body maintain itself and be able to properly heal, so in general, having an at least somewhat healthy lifestyle will help decrease your pain and make you feel better.

Massages are always welcome as they help relieve pain by working out the tension in your muscles and joints. This can also help relieve stress and anxiety, so overall massages are a great way to relax and relieve yourself.

Alternative medications that are not opioids. Muscle relaxants and non-narcotic medication can work wonders without the huge risk of addiction or the chance it will stop working. It would be best to talk to your doctor about trying these kinds of medications out.

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Physical therapy is also good if you are having trouble managing the pain. Physical therapists help you through exercises that aim to maintain or increase your strength and mobility. Occupational therapists work with you to figure out how to go about your daily activities without aggravating your pain.

Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT) is a great way to manage pain as well. MAT focuses on improving your range of motion and helps correct muscular imbalances and joint instability. Instead of going straight to massages and stretches, MAT focuses on the original problem causing pain; the specific muscles that are causing tension. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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