Why It’s Important To Stretch Before Doing a Workout At The Gym

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Why It’s Important To Stretch Before Doing a Workout At The Gym

Stretching is very important, no matter before going to the gym or daily. Stretching allows you to keep your muscles lengthy, flexible, and adjustable. This will make your muscles very strong so that exertion will not put too much pain on the muscles. Strong muscles also allow you to have better balance and prevent falls.

Stretch Your Muscles First

stretching for sciatic pain

Our body is filled with hundreds of muscles that carry out different functions. Stretching them daily can be very burdensome. Even though it feels like a burden, various muscles need more stretching than others, and the muscles include; the pelvis, hamstring, calves, and lower extremities. Other strength muscles that require regular stretching include the neck, shoulders, and lower abdomen because they develop many strains.

Though sometimes we never know how tired our muscles are, the best thing to do is to go to a physical therapist to figure out the type of exercise you require so that you can stretch your muscles better and which areas need more stretching than others. MASJ works with you as a therapist to test your whole muscular system to pinpoint weak muscles or any that are in damage or stains. Check out our FREE consultation.

Advantage of stretching before going to the gym

  • Regularly stretching allows your body to become flexible; though you won’t be flexible in one day. You need to make sure you try consistently until your body becomes progressively more flexible. One of the best exercises to do before going to the gym is the hamstring stretch, this stretch will keep the muscles at the back of your thighs flexible and prevent strain or injury. This will make it easier for you to lift heavy weights since you will be compiling a lot of weight on your legs and hands while raising them.
  • Assists with coordination. Once you do multiple exercises, it allows your muscles to stretch and makes your body feel lighter; You will be able to carry out the various activities you‘ll be doing in the gym easily and quickly. Your coordination will also be on point, and you will be able to follow the instructor’s moves without getting tired quickly.
  • Prevents muscle strains. Muscle strains come because of too much force inflicted on your muscles, and that’s why doing stretches before going to the gym is essential. 
  • Exercise often. When you exercise regularly it allows you to avoid exhausted, stiff and sore muscles, preventing you from reaching your full potential while exercising in the gym. You will get tired fast and have more pain, mainly when doing heavy exercises like lifting. You may also damage your muscles when they are in this condition, and that’s why exercising is essential. 

As a person who likes to go to the gym and advocates for a healthy life, you need to exercise before starting your day. When you first attend a new gym, they will always begin your offer with various exercises that stretch your muscles enough. Make sure you go to such a gym to achieve what you want and not get hurt while keeping fit. It would help if you asked a physician what form of exercise best fits your body. 

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