Why a C-section or Tummy Tuck Causes Nerve Pain

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Why a C-section or Tummy Tuck Causes Nerve Pain

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Nerve pain after surgery is a very common complaint. Many people who have undergone a cesarean section or tummy tuck experience persistent nerve pain in the abdominal area. This can be caused by the disruption of nerves during surgery, as well as any scar tissue that may have formed from the incision. During a c-section, the doctor will make an incision in the abdomen to access the uterus and baby. In a tummy tuck, excess skin is removed from the stomach area. Both surgeries can cause damage to nerves due to cutting or stretching of tissue during the procedure.

Nerve pain after surgery can range from mild discomfort to severe stabbing pains. Patients will sometimes seek nerve pain specialists like muscle activation technique (MAT) specialists to help alleviate the pain. MAT works by relaxing contracted muscles and restoring normal movement patterns in the area. This can help reduce the stress on affected nerves, which can often lead to a reduction of pain symptoms. In addition, MAT practitioners may teach patients specific exercises that can be used at home to further relieve nerve pain from surgery.

What Muscles Are Cut For A C-Section?

A C-section, or cesarean section, is a surgical procedure in which incisions are made through the abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby. The primary muscles involved in a c-section are the rectus abdominis, the external oblique, and the transverse abdominis. These muscles run along the lower abdomen and provide support to the uterus during pregnancy. Other muscles that may be cut include the psoas major muscle and the iliacus muscle. During this operation, the muscles of the uterus and lower abdominal wall are cut to allow access to the baby’s delivery. The doctors will also sometimes make an incision in the peltate ligament to widen the opening. C-sections are used when a vaginal delivery is not possible or when it would be dangerous for the mother or baby. Recovery time following a C-section can vary, but generally takes several weeks and requires careful monitoring by medical professionals. Patients should also follow any specific instructions given by their doctors regarding wound care and post-operative activities.

When To See A Specialist About Nerve Pain After Surgery

You should consult a specialist when your pain has continued well after your recovery time has passed. For some patients that could be weeks or months. A specialist will be able to provide you with the best course of action for managing your pain. If a specific treatment is needed, they can also help guide you through this process. Pain specialists may also recommend physical therapy or other treatments that can help reduce inflammation and improve mobility. Additionally, specialists can work with you to create an individualized plan for managing long-term pain.

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