What is a Pain Specialist Going To Do For My Leg Pain?

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It’s nearly impossible to get leg pain off your mind since it hurts every time you walk, drive, and try to stumble through other daily activities. You most likely have to stop exercising and cut down on your movement altogether. Do you even have aching legs or sharp cramps while you’re relaxing or sleeping? No one has to just deal with pain especially if you think you should, you need to find the right pain management in San Jose

Can You Relieve Chronic Leg Pain?

Yes, there is relief from leg pain, even if it’s really bad and nothing you have previously tried has worked. We have the answers with our San Jose leg pain treatment at Muscle Activation San Jose. For a free consultation visit, call 408-766-4322.

What Causes Leg Pain?

Leg pain can take many forms in different people. You could have lower leg pain, upper leg pain, or even knee or hip pain. While your pain may radiate from a specific area, it may not be the root cause of your issue. Regardless of the type of pain or whether it is acute or chronic, MASJ specializes in chronic leg pain and treatment in San Jose. 

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To provide leg pain relief to San Jose patients, we first have to figure out the cause of the pain. The pain could come from many potential causes and it’s important to do a full-body assessment. The Initial Consultation will help us properly diagnose you and listen to your pain points. It’s possible that you have pain from an injury, sciatica, fibromyalgia, or other sources. There could be problems elsewhere in the tendons, muscles, joints, or other parts of your leg, causing pain.  We will perform treatments to target the different affected areas.

How Does Leg Pain Management Work?

Rehabilitation for leg pain in San Jose is very simple. You can expect to be seen by an expert in pain management while providing a multi-disciplinary approach where we correct the muscular imbalance and strengthen at the same time. This enables you to truly get the care you need, instead of visiting a doctor that is only able to help some types of pain based on a certain specialty. 

When you’re looking for a leg pain doctor in San Jose, come visit the leg pain specialist at Muscle Activation San Jose. We specialize to ensure the true cause of your pain is identified and treated. Make an appointment for your free consultation session at 408-766-4322.

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