What Does a Separated Shoulder Feel Like?

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A shoulder separation occurs when ligaments around the acromioclavicular joint are destroyed. The acromioclavicular joint is where the shoulder blade meets the clavicle. While the injury is quite severe, part of the clavicle might separate from the shoulder blade too. Resulting in a lot of pain.

A shoulder separation is different from a shoulder dislocation. In the case of a dislocation, the upper arm bone pulls out of the shoulder joint. Young adults and kids are more prone to shoulder separation.

The shoulder connects to the collarbone and upper arm bone with ligaments. An injury might destroy these ligaments along your joint. In case of severe damage, the shoulder blade and collarbone pull apart, resulting from shouldering separation. The shoulder blade might move downwards.

What Are the Symptoms of a Separated Shoulder?

When ligaments wear down, the shoulder blade tends to move downward, avoiding the arm’s weight; this causes protruding of the top end of the collarbone.

  • A bump at the end of a collarbone on top of the shoulder 
  • Severe pain at the top of the shoulder

How To Treat Shoulder Separation

Most individuals recover from separated shoulders within three months without undergoing surgery. The treatment depends on the severity of the injury and might include:

  • Applying cold packs
  • Using a sling to hold the shoulder in place during healing
  • Exercise program or physical therapy to strengthen the ligaments and muscles
  • Relaxing the joint with a sling or any support
  • Avoiding lifting heavy objects for about three months after recovering from an injury

In addition, your shoulder specialist might show you specific exercises to assist in rebuilding your flexibility, strength, and level of motion as you recover.

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