Tips & Healthier Choices for Thanksgiving Dinner

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Tips & Healthier Choices for Thanksgiving Dinner

The holiday season is among us. As we come upon Thanksgiving, many people worry about gaining weight this time of year. The creamy mashed potatoes, warm fluffy dinner rolls, and second servings are hard to resist. At MASJ, we love food. We also love being healthy too. Instead of overeating at Thanksgiving or stuffing yourself with stuffing, try these tips and other healthier options for your Thanksgiving side dish. 

Don’t Starve Yourself During the Day

In anticipation of the yummy dinner waiting for you at 3 pm, people tend to skip meals on Turkey Day. Why? It may seem like a good idea to save your appetite for the main event, but studies warn against showing up starving for Thanksgiving dinner. When you’re that hungry, your willpower tends to go in the garbage, and you’re more likely to eat whatever you can get your hands on.

Instead of devouring the table, we suggest eating a satisfying snack before starting your Thanksgiving festivities. Nuts, yogurt, a salad with avocado, or eggs are all good options to consider during the morning before the meal. 

Watch What You Drink

Holiday dinners usually come with many choices of beverage items. From soda to beer and wine, there will be plenty of ways to drink your calories and carbs. Resist the temptation to sip on cider or wine throughout the meal. If you’re looking to drop the lbs, limit the amount of sugary or alcoholic beverages you drink. Try having one glass of cider, or wine, and sipping on water or seltzer during the rest of the meal. 

Plate Size And Portions

A good rule for piling up your plate is to go heavy on vegetables. Whether it’s at a buffet or holiday dinner, start with your veggies first which will help fill the plate with better choices leaving less room for those bad ones. Choose an array of fresh, grilled, or roasted vegetables like beets, carrots, Brussels sprouts, or cauliflower are good ideas.

Although it might be tempting, try to limit your intake of starch-heavy items.  Mashed and sweet potatoes are high in carbs and normally loaded with butter or sugar. An ice cream scoop of either of these dishes will leave you content but not overloaded with calories. Turkey is also a healthy part of Thanksgiving, just if you avoid the skin.

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