Tendonitis In the Feet

Scott Lamb
June 3, 2022 0 Comment

Tendonitis in the feet is a common cause of severe pain around the outside and back of the feet due to damage or injury of tendons. Foot tendonitis occurs due to micro-tears leading to tendon inflammation and damage. Tendonitis leads to swelling and acute pain in the affected limb. It hurts so much and causes difficulty walking.

How Can You Get Tendonitis In Your Foot

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Tendonitis mainly occurs due to the improper use of a particular body part. In the case of tendonitis in the feet, the tendons that attach the feet to the bones in the lower limb become injured.

Seeing a specialist is critical when it comes to healing tendonitis. You can benefit from a program of specific exercises designed to strengthen and stretch the injured muscle. For example, eccentric strengthening, which involves muscle lengthening and contraction, has been a very effective treatment for most tendon conditions. 

Treatment For Foot Tendonitis

A specialist like MASJ can instruct you on doing controlled stretching, which improves muscle fiber organization and increases collagen synthesis. If the exercise is carried out correctly, it can result in stronger tendons and muscles after recovery.

In the recovery phase of foot tendonitis, your specialist might prescribe an exercise program at home, such as strengthening and stretching exercises. The purpose of stretching is to prevent problems resulting from shortening, adhesions, or inadequate healing of feet tendonitis. You might as well be advised to use compression to compress the swelling area. Elastic compressive bandages or wraps are the best.

Consult your foot specialist to see if stretches can lower tightness pain in the foot and maintain ankle flexibility.

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