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[Your Company] has partnered with Muscle Activation San Jose to offer their employees FREE Ergonomic Evaluations. 

These evaluations are easy, totally free, and can be submitted all on your own. No in-person appointment is necessary. 

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Registration Process

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Congratulations! You’ve made it to [your company] sign-up page for your Ergonomic Evaluation. Use the form above to register. This is the first step in your assessment process.

Get The HIPAA Compliant App

After you register, you’ll receive an email to download the HIPAA Compliant App. This secure app will allow you to communicate with your specialist confidentially and share documents & photos. 

Upload Photos & Video

Take a few photos & videos of your posture and workstation. Don’t worry, we provide a list of suggested angles that allows us to see your posture as if you are working.  You can now upload your attachments securely through the app.

Results & Suggested Corrections

Our specialist will assess your submission and return suggested solutions to correct any ergonomic workstations issues and exercises to improve your posture. 

Track Improvement

We encouraged all members to re-evaluate after the changes have been in place for a couple of weeks. With your new workstation adjustments and doing the suggested exercises, we want to make sure you’re improving. 

What To Expect With An Ergonomic Evaluation

When a member schedules an Ergonomic Evaluation, the process is easy and can be done on your own at home or in the office. You’ll have access to a specialist who will evaluation these areas:

  • Inspect how you walk, stand, and posture.
  • Check your work footwear, desk setup, and chair settings depending on your job description.
  • Evaluate the mobility and strength of your joints and muscles.
  • Address any pain points you’re experiencing already
  • Receive advice on posture improvement, stretching exercises, and other treatment options.
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Still Have Pain & Need More Help?

An ergonomic evaluation is the first step to improving your health and getting your body pain-free.  Sometime you need a little extra help.

Corrective Exercise Program is available for members who need 1-on-1 attention to help relieve pain and improve posture.

Want Tips On How To Get Rid Of Back Pain, Improve Posture, Or Workouts?

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