Get The Best Employee Wellness Programs For Remote Workers

Encourage your employees to live healthier, feel better, and work better! As the Tech Industry continues to grow in the San Francisco Bay Area, more employees are working from home. While many companies have wellness programs in place on site, many do not have anything for remote workers

Here is where Muscle Activation San Jose comes in to offer Wellness Programs to remote employees in the San Jose Area.

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Why Do Companies Need Wellness Programs For Their Remote Employees?

The reasons for a Wellness Program for remote workers is simple — there aren’t any programs available. As Wellness programs are now regularly part of a company benefits package, COVID has changed how these benefits are obtained. They benefit the employer as much as the employee, but when an employee works from home they no longer have all the wellness benefits as they would have going into the office. 

Virtual A Wellness Program

We have options for each company that tailors to your needs. A Wellness Program for Remote Employees is a growing necessity where we make it easy, personable, and customizable to fit your company structure.

  • Wellness Workshops
  • Virtual Wellness Classes
  • Individual Wellness
  • Sessions (Virtual or In-person)
  • Ergonomic Body Assessments

Types of Tech Companies We Can Help in the Bay Area:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Enterprise
  • Sanmina
  • HGST
  • Adobe
  • Paypal
  • Broadcom
  • Ebay
  • GlobalLogic
  • Align Technology
  • 24/7
  • SunPower
  • San Jose State University
  • Maxium Integrated
  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • Google

Here’s How We Adapted Wellness Programs For Remote Employees

  1. Staying Social – One of the biggest hurdles with remote working is social interaction. At MASJ, we make sure to stay connected and encourage interaction through technology as well as in person workshops.
  2. Physical Activities – Most remote employees will be sedentary jobs meaning movement & activity are usually minimal. Keeping them active and holding them accountable is important and we help motivate that.
  3. Company Culture – We work with you to bring out the best in your employees, even if its from their home office.
  4. Digital Workshops – Remote employees shouldn’t have to miss out on workshops that promote better health. We design a digital workshop that is tailored for remote workers to get them making better health decisions.
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How Does This Help Your Company?

Helps Reduce The Cost Of Employer Paid Healthcare

Healthcare costs can be a significant portion of a company’s budget. Aiming to reduce the overall Healthcare costs can improve an employer’s bottom line. Tech companies tend to have employees with more health risk factors, including being overweight, chronic back pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome which cost more to insure.

A wellness program can help employees with high risk factors make the lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life. Reducing their health care costs, while also helping employees with low risk factors stay healthy.

Increase Employee Productivity and Reduce Days Out Sick

Healthier employees mean fewer days out sick, and that means more employees are working. Just Another benefit companies can achieve through our wellness programs. Healthier employees tend to be more productive since they are not coming to work sick. Our employee wellness program can Increase productivity and reduce absent employees which can yield significant cost savings.

Reduce Worker’s Compensation Claims And Disability Claims

A wellness program can encourage employees to make healthy changes and lower their health risk factors often have a reduced chance of a workplace injury, illness, or disability. This can save the employer money, not just on insurance plans, but also to reduce the costs of training a temporary worker to replace an employee who is out of work for health reasons.

How Are We Different From Other Wellness Programs?

We create a specific workshop that addresses some of the common health risks working in the tech industry. Adapting to working from home has its obstacles so don’t make your employees do this change alone. The classes provide continuous education and support to your remote employees looking to become healthier, lose weight, and feel better. Also providing solutions if they experience common sedentary pains.

The whole body wellness is important and we specialize in fitness, nutrition, even Muscle Activation Technique proven to reduce chronic pain and other issues. Giving your remote employees a better quality of life and producing better work with reducing absenteeism.

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