Pain Causing You to Have a Short Temper?

December 3, 2020 0 Comment

Chronic pain and other pain can cause you to have an especially short temper with people around you. This can be very detrimental to your relationships and can make people around you uncomfortable. Also it’s not that fun being cranky and in pain, thankfully there are a few ways to help with the pain and the temper.

Why do I get a Short Temper When I am in Pain?

So far there aren’t that many studies to determine why exactly you get a short temper when in pain. The most regarded answer though, is because you are suffering in silence. Maybe you had a tough day at work, your back is aching, and all you want to do is lie down and rest, but your partner tells you to go to the store for something. You might react with anger at the thought of just getting home and not being able to relax your poor back and how your partner could do this to you. Your partner didn’t know that you were in pain and thought that it was any other day, had they known you were in pain, they likely would’ve gone to the store themselves after making sure you’re okay. You don’t have to tell them that you have some kind of condition or chronic pain, but it would be helpful to them and you to at least tell them that you have some painful days.

The short temper could also be caused by you being mad at yourself because of the pain. Maybe you feel like it was your fault that it ended up hurting today and you’re beating yourself up over it, making you more on edge than usual. If that’s the case you need to remember that it’s not your fault that you are in pain and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

How can I Lessen my Pain?

There are many different ways to lessen pain, any of which require some long term work on your part, but they are most definitely worth it. 

Let’s talk about in the moment treatments where you need something now to stop the pain. Icing and Heating cannot be recommended enough, it’s very simple. Either use an ice pack or heating pad on the area of pain and it will numb it. Massages are also great as they can release tension in you that might have been causing the pain. Otherwise just try to keep things easy and relax, try not to agitate the area of pain.

More long term treatments need you to do a bit of work in order for them to be effective, but they work very well. First of all, exercise and stretches are almost essential because it strengthens the muscles where you have been experiencing pain and releases endorphins which act as a natural painkiller. The exercise doesn’t have to be anything to brag about, maybe just a light walk everyday. Meditation is also a great way to relieve pain over time, since with practice you can control how your body perceives pain. Again it doesn’t have to be anything to brag about, maybe just 10-15 minutes a day meditating. 

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