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Our clients love us — and people not suffering from pain will tell their story. The goal of Muscle Activation is to relieve the pain our clients are experiencing no matter how long the chronic pain has been occuring. In some cases for years. After a few visits to MASJ, the pain has lessened or dissipated altogether. Want to see how we can help? Get a Consultation

Muscle Activation San Jose Gives Clients A Chance To Live Pain Free

We care about each and every client. No matter what joint pain you are having, we can help. Each client who shares their experience gives a voice that others suffering from chronic pain do not have to live in pain. See what to expect, their progress, and the possible outcome of being pain-free.

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We understand that client testimonials are important. Muscle Activation San Jose strives to improve every client’s way of life and reach for the satisfaction of the client. This is why we offer a Free Consultation and Evaluation

With the Free Body Evaluation, we look at the body as a whole. What may be causing pain in your neck may not be the source of your problem but could be a side effect of an underlying issue somewhere else, like your hips, knee or foot. Offering this consultation gives you an idea of what to expect for treatment and prognosis. We want you to be comfortable and confident that Muscle Activation can relieve pain. 

Our clients will tell you about their experience too! We see many Chiropractors, Massage therapists, and Personal Trainers give their clients unrealistic expectations. At MASJ, we believe in an honest and upfront expectation for your goal. This is why we have so many happy clients. 

Customer Reviews for Muscle Activation San Jose

Check out what our clients have to say about their treatments on all the review websites! 

Yelp places Muscle Activation San Jose as number 1 for San Jose Personal Trainer and Pain Management!

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Google Reviews show the truly thankful clients with their detailed reviews and tells their experience with MASJ and all they have to offer. Check out what Lisa Tewell has to say:

“I have had severe back pain for 25 years and have seen Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Orthopedists, Sports Massage Specialists, you name it, I’ve tried it all!  This chronic condition has led to complications in my knees, ankles etc. Scott has been instrumental in getting my body to work as it was meant to after years of muscle fatigue and atrophy.  I don’t completely understand it all, all I know is that this “Muscle Activation Therapy” works. Scott knows what he is doing and is extremely thorough. He knows what your body can handle and provides you with the appropriate exercises to aid in the healing process.  I always feel like a superwoman when I leave a session!

Another Google user and client of Scott Lamb, see Dianne Dec experience:

“I really appreciated Scott’s straightforwardness at the initial consultation regarding what he thought he could do to help me, as well as the potential limitations of MAT. I came in with a persistent knee problem brought on by 20 years of accumulated injuries and body misalignment.  Over the years I have tried physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and rolfing, with limited results.

It took about 6 weeks before I saw significant improvement, but my knee has gotten progressively more resilient and able to handle the activities I love doing, like yoga, hiking, skiing, and even just a basic cardio workout at the gym.

Scott’s manner is friendly, efficient and professional and I would recommend him to anyone who is frustrated by the lack of results from other therapeutic methods and is looking to heal their body completely.”

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