Is Chronic Back Pain Worth Having Surgery?

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Is Chronic Back Pain Worth Having Surgery?

Many patients who see doctors about their chronic back pain are told surgery will be the only solution. Though back surgery has proven to be successful, there are other less invasive ways. When a patient is fully informed about the pros & cons of back surgery vs chronic pain management through therapy, many patients avoid going under the knife.

Does Back Surgery Work?

Back Surgery has been used as a treatment for all types of back pain conditions. According to HealthDay, an astonishing 500,000 Americans undergo surgery each year for low back issues. With the success rate of spinal fusion surgery showing as up to 70%, you are not guaranteed to be pain-free with back surgery. Not to mention the typical cost for back surgery will range from $14,000 to $26,000. This brings in $11 billion dollars a year for back surgery. In the end, you’ll have a huge medical bill, only a 70% chance of the surgery being successful, and months of rehab. 

The Alternative to Back Surgery

At Muscle Activation San Jose, we see surgery as the very last option. Since modern medicine is a financially growing economy, it rarely informs patients of all options and alternatives as it isn’t a financially wise choice. Back pain management can be performed by a pain specialist. By evaluating the whole body and root issue for the pain, MASJ can administer Muscle Activation Technique. Many clients see relief within the first few sessions. Targeting the weak muscles and areas where your body tries to overcompensate due to the pain can be exactly the solution to get pain relief.

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Recovery Time After Back Surgery

Even though back surgery is fairly common, it’s a serious surgery. Recovery time for back surgery is typically 3 to 4 months. Pharmaceuticals also have a huge impact recovery since you will more likely be prescribed pain medication. Opioids have been prescribed by doctors to manage pain and in most cases appropriately. The CDC has urged health care providers to recommend a safer nondrug alternative, such as physical therapy. This is where we come in.

MASJ offers noninvasive therapy to improve the quality of life through MAT. Our comprehensive pain management will give your body the opportunity to improve muscular imbalance that is causing your chronic pain. 

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