How To Stay Motivated at The Gym

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How To Stay Motivated at The Gym

Finding motivation to work out or staying focus is hard when you really don’t feel like going to the gym. All athletes experience this loss of inspiration at some point. Its normal but letting the loss of motivation can cause a domino effect on your routine can become an issue. Just like everyone has their “Off” days, we know the struggle is real to avoid the craze of trying Popeye’s new chicken sandwich. Sticking to a routine and diet that works for your body will be way more rewarding than cheating on yourself.

Much like a relationship, working out has an obstacle between you and your goals. You’ll have to make sacrifices, reserve time, be committed and there will always be the opportunity to cheat. To help you stay motivated, MASJ has these great tips on how to stay moving and committed to your workout.

Short Workouts

Something is better than nothing. Knowing that you have a long, hard workout, doing even 15 to 30 minutes is better than nothing. 30 minutes may not seem like much but you can still get an intense workout in a shorter time frame. Studies have shown in Crossfit athletes that occasionally doing a short high-intensity workout can increase the body’s ability to do more in less time. The mental illusion that the workout won’t be as bad since it will be short-lived though your body tends to work harder since your brain knows it will be over quickly. Sometimes knowing the finish line is so close insight is helpful. Here is a great example of a 30 minute HIIT workout.

Set Small Reachable Goals

Creating small goals for yourself easy to reach. Setting a small to do 10 box jumps or five push-ups a day helps build your sense of accomplishment which creates satisfaction. Feeling accomplished every time you set foot in a gym helps you keep motivated so you can keep coming back. It may be baby steps but you’ll be more focused once it gets harder. Remember that progress takes time and results won’t be instant. If you can have realistic expectations, you are less likely to be discouraged going to the gym time after time.

Get a Workout Buddy

They say time flies by when you’re having fun, and this is especially true if you’re working out with a friend. It also helps if that gym buddy will encourage you throughout your workout. Just when you think you can’t possibly do another push-up, your buddy is there for support to say you can do it!

Bring Your Favorite Music

My personal favorite, and can never do without, is music. Putting on your choice of music to get your workout going can be very inspiring. Many people use music to describe their emotions. Get excited and pumped by putting together your favorite music to listen to at the gym. Whether its death metal, classical of the latest POP music, whatever makes your booty move and your foot tab will work to get you excited and motivated to workout. Pandora and Spotify both offer great mixed selections of music included a pre-set workout playlist.

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