How to Choose a Physical Therapist

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How to Choose a Physical Therapist

For a person who has never had physical therapy, the first time can bring many questions.  One question many ask is how do I choose a good physical therapist? Trust is, there is no hard or fast way when it comes to picking a physical therapist. There are many different types of therapists below are some suggestions that may assist you in your search to find a type of physical therapist you’ll need.

Research and Interview the Therapist

There are many different approaches to physical medicine and many different types of physical therapists in San Jose.  I encourage patients to be a savvy consumer and research their choices online. Both Yelp and Google reviews are a great way to get a sense of past patients, their experience, and insight into the physical therapist’s approach. Try to look for information about how much time the physical therapists spend with their patients. That could give a good idea of the recovery time commitment.

Additionally, many clinics offer free injury evaluations. Treat these free sessions as not just a way to get more insight into your problem, but also get a better idea of your therapist. 

Try the other type of physical therapy

Schedule a Free Consultation

What The Insurance Will Cover

Medical Insurance can be very confusing. Different insurance carriers pay clinics different amounts for services and each particular plans may cover different things.  I always encourage patients to call their insurance carrier and ask what their plan covers. 

Figuring out how much you pay out of pocket before insurance begins paying their portion is important. Speaking to the insurance directly with the clinic you are interested in using will help get an accurate amount of your out of pocket bill. Some insurance pay a flat fee per visit, others pay based on what particular services your therapist bills them. Remember, this also depends on when your insurance carrier accepts the charges from the clinic. If you are looking at a significant length of care or have a high deductible plan, be sure to ask about payment plans.

Make sure your Physical Therapist is helping solve your problems

Every therapist who works with people in pain has a slightly different method in treatment. Whichever is your goal for physical therapy like mobility or reduced pain, be sure that your physical therapist is on your side by critical analysis each and every visit. Make sure that your physical therapist is helping you solve your problem and giving you guidance not just performing particular treatment techniques. 

Physical therapists are here to help give you insight and how your physical therapy helps your day to day activities. Be honest and open about how your symptoms affect you in your daily life and inquire how the physical therapist is addressing those concerns in their treatments. 

Consistency & Commit To The Plan

For physical therapy to work properly, it needs dedication from the patient and therapist.  It is no different than taking an antibiotic that is prescribed to finish the bottle. Inconsistently taking antibiotics decreases its effectiveness in knocking out the infection. Physical therapy is very similar to consistency in treatment to make Physical gains.

Unfortunately, the body takes some time to make improvements so consistency is key in making improvements. Set a goal and commit to a timeframe with your physical therapist to meet that goal.  Your physical therapy is an investment in yourself.

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