4 Ways To Help Chronic Pain Without Medication

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4 Ways To Help Chronic Pain Without Medication

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Even though our job is to make people feel better physically from chronic pain, we do not wish that type of discomfort on anyone. Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than three months and can make your life miserable. Daily life tasks become difficult and the quality of life decreases. Whether it’s lower back pain or a headache that just won’t quit, you may be happy to find out you might not need pain medication to feel better. Muscle Activation San Jose, a pain management specialist in San Jose CA, has many clients who find relief from pain without the need or decrease of prescription drugs. Many western medicine doctors say there are many different pathways to overcoming chronic pain. So why are the majority of doctor’s recommendation drugs first instead of comprehensive treatment?

There Are Alternatives to Pain Medication

Even with Google, people aren’t very informed about alternatives for pain management. One of the challenges is that people don’t know there are alternatives to pain medications and not sure how to find it. 

Our job in pain management is to show patients there are options that fit their unique situation. At MASJ, we work without the need for medication

Four Ways To Manage Chronic Pain Without Pain Medication

Stress management

Your mind is a powerful thing. There is a strong connection in the brain between stress and pain. Stress can trigger a ton of symptoms including phantom pain within the body. Trying to find healthy ways to deal with the pressures of everyday life can help you gain peace of mind and control of your symptoms.

Regular exercise

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger right? Exercise may be the last thing your thinking about when you’re in pain but it will help. Mild activity can actually help you recover from any injury causing chronic pain. Exercises like walking, biking or swimming loosens stiff muscles and improves blood flow, both of which speed your body’s natural healing process. Set a goal each day to complete 15 to 30 minutes of activity. As your body gets stronger, increase the time or increase the intensity of your activity.

Integrative medicine techniques

This may sound a little hippy for some, but it works. Techniques like meditation, yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture help sync the mind-body connection. Integrative techniques combine the power of breath, movement, and mindfulness to relieve pain by calming unhealthy activity in the mind. Being at peace in your mind will help your body be at peace as well. 

Physical therapy

Stretching and strengthening muscles with the help of a physical therapist not only relieves pain but can prevent it from coming back. Physical therapy can also improve overall muscle functioning by targeting specific muscles causing the pain. This can help reduce any strain and decrease the risk of injury in the long run.

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