Foot Instability: Why You Have Bad Balance

February 13, 2022 0 Comment

Have you ever been the person to stumble a lot or trip often? Well, it may not be clumsiness, it could just be your feet.

Why Do I Have Bad Balance?

A sign that your balance nerves are not working well is if we often are tripping over small bumps on the ground. Another example is tripping when walking up steps, and often getting worse on rough uneven grounds. Even a near miss where you don’t actually fall over is an important sign that you should consider getting your feet assessed by a professional.

The best way to resolve foot dysfunction or tripping is to improve balance and reduce the risk of falling. First, is to diagnose and address the underlying cause. Often this can be linked to feet that are out of alignment, have a high arch, or have no arch at all (flat feet). Watch the informative video about high arch and flat feet that cause bad balance.

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