Finding The Best Pain Management Near You

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No one likes having to look for a pain management specialist — There are tons of ways to find the best pain management specialists near you by looking at online reviews, word of mouth, or just searching on Google. Narrowing down a specialist who can actually help you relieve your chronic pain is more important.

What Does A Pain Management Specialist Do?

  •  They treat all types of pains such as knee pain, posture correction, back pain, and neuropathic pain disorders
  •  Help patients with chronic pain correct the neuro pathways relieving or eliminating the pain feeling
  •  Helps in reducing the severity of pain
  •  Improve the patients’ overall quality of life – live pain free!

Why Should I See A Pain Management Specialist?

When compared to a primary care doctor, pain management specialists offer patients a one-on-one treatment with a variety of pain management strategies and plans. MASJ uses a full-body assessment knowing that no two bodies are alike and will need different treatment. Some pain management clinics will see patients and treat them with a certain plan which may not work for everyone.

How To Find The Best Pain Management Specialist Near You:

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1. Is it Covered Under Your Insurance?

Check with your insurance company and see if they have different constraints to find a specialist in your network or they have any list of out-of-network and in-network providers to choose from. Next, you’ll want to check the place you are deciding to go to if they take your insurance.

2. Ask A Friend

Asking for personal opinions from your family and friends about the best pain management they have used can always set high expectations. They can give first-hand experience about their pain management choice and the specialist they choose. Good information they can tell you is about their services, cleanliness, and appointments procedures, and if it helped.

3. Search Online

You can do your own research to find potential pain management specialists in your area. Look into more places online for references other than just Google like Healthgrades, Vitals, and Yelp.

Most of these sources will provide patient data which includes patient reviews, Certifications, bad reviews, and real experiences.

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4. Book A Consultation

Deciding on a pain management specialist is a big decision. After finding the office you choose to get treatment, most places will offer free consultations. You can ask questions about the treatment and confirm if they can diagnose your pain. If you feel satisfied after the consult, you can decide to do services and how they can treat your pain.

5. Optimize Your Visit

First, make a list of concerns you may have before your visit so that you will get the most out of your consultation. During the session, ask questions. This is your opportunity to really understand what’s going on with your body by an expert. Don’t be afraid to ask and get clarified. MASJ believes in providing all the detailed information you want.

If you are in search of a Pain Management Specialist in San Jose CA, contact Muscle Activation San Jose for a Free Consultation and find out how to get rid of your chronic pain. Take control of your life again and the ability to enjoy it!

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