Can Shoulder Pain Cause Numbness In Your Hands? Find Out What To Do

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Can Shoulder Pain Cause Numbness In Your Hands? Find Out What To Do

In a very simple answer – Yes, definitely. Shoulder pain may lead to numbness in your hands due to the pain inflicted on your shoulders. The pain may cause your hands to become very weak hence leading to numbers in the hand and arm. While its hard to tell the cause of numbness, in many cases there is an underlying cause somewhere else in the body.  If you experience pain in the shoulder and numbness, consult a physician to rule out life threatening issues. When the pain doesn’t stop and is not due to any life threatening illness, visit MASJ who will examine your shoulder and create a plan for recovery.

There are things you need to put into consideration when you have shoulder pain so that the discomfort can be relieved. Here are some tips.


The most important exercise when you have a shoulder problem is carpal tunnel syndrome to improve your indications and increase your stamina if your muscles are a bit weak. Other activities that are amazing for your shoulder are such as stretching, enhancing and position workouts.

Get Professional Help

When you have shoulder pain that has led to numbness, you’ll want to get some professional advice. If you are in San Jose, Muscle Activation San Jose can help. We approach pain relief by evaluating the whole body to find the main issue. Sometimes underlying problems can cause pain elsewhere in the body. We find it and start treatment to relieve pain in the radiating areas. After a couple visits, you will be able to move your shoulder compared to when it was in much pain. Schedule a FREE consultation.

Splints Or Wrist Guards

We like to avoid taking drugs and look at the alternative. Splints are the best for you because it helps your wrist and allows it to stay straight so that it can relieve pressure on your median nerve. This may not be for everyone but can help in some cases. The best time to wear them is when you are doing recurring tasks, heavy tasks or when you are asleep so that it could prevent you from having carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Topical Medication

 There are ointments designed explicitly for shoulder aches and numbness of your hand, and the cream is known as lidocaine patches and capsaicin cream, is applied on the skin and relieves you of your pain very fast. You could also take topical drugs such as bio freeze that reduces your carpal tunnel discomfort.  

Vitamin B-12

Sometimes shoulder pain might be caused by a lack of vitamin B-12, though the only way to find out if you lack vitamin B-12 is by going to the hospital, and once you have been diagnosed with this, you will be prescribed vitamin B-12 supplements. If your condition is too severe, your doctor may ask you to get vitamin B-12 injections instead. You could also eat vitamin B-12 food such as salmon, eggs, and liver. 

Shoulder pain can be excruciating and very uncomfortable; the moment you have such pain, you need to seek medical help immediately so that your shoulder pain doesn’t worsen. 

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