Can Muscle Activation Treat Headaches?

October 22, 2021 0 Comment

Some Headaches Are Caused By Muscle Tension

Do you often experience headaches? Many people do, and they have been trying to find relief through various means for centuries. While there are many options available for treating headaches, try MAT before heading to the medicine cabinet for medication. Headache sufferers can find relief in an alternative treatment option outside of medication or surgery.

MAT Treatment is an innovative new treatment for headaches. It uses microcurrent to send electrical impulses that relax tight muscles in the head, neck and shoulders of people suffering from chronic aches/pains. It work at a cellular level by affecting tension levels deep within muscle cells themselves without creating any pain sensation whatsoever!

Effect of MAT Treatment With Headaches

The effects of the MAT treatment for headaches are both immediate and long-standing. It creates new blood vessels, which means that when applied over time it has many benefits such as pain relief or improved circulation in your head. Additionally, you will be less susceptible to future episodes because there’s no buildup happening like before when we were inflamed. The best part about this process though is how quickly results come after starting – sometimes just hours!

Idea Behind This Technique

There are many different treatments for headaches, but MASJ has one of the best techniques to fight headaches without pain meds. Headaches can be treated with massage therapy techniques like trigger-point release or myofascial work to alleviate muscle tension in areas where it’s concentrated. It relieves pain by allowing blood flow back into these muscles which reduces swelling caused from inflammation but MAT offers an more in depth analysis into the root cause of the headache as well. Not just relieving the headache.

How To Get Rid Of A Headache?

Think about how many times you’ve had a headache. And then think about how often your doctor prescribes painkillers to treat them. Now, consider the possibility that there is another way — a more natural one at that to reduce or eliminate those headaches altogether. At Muscle Activation San Jose, we want our clients to feel better without all of the side effects caused by taking medication for their headaches. If you are interested in learning more, schedule a Free Consultation today!

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