Bodybuilders Who Have Back Pain

September 7, 2020 0 Comment
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Bodybuilders Who Have Back Pain

While many of us suffer from being gymless during this pandemic, there are other ways bodybuilders are getting their workouts. Whether it’s purchasing your own at-home gym, working out in the garage, or the few areas in California that still allow members to use the gym facilities. Nonetheless, bodybuilding takes time and what would seem backbreaking weights in order to achieve that bulky physique. The weights may get heavier but shouldn’t break your back. It’s very common for bodybuilders of all types to experience back pain for numerous reasons although there are ways to prevent back pain and injury.

Want to Avoid Eventual Spinal Damage and Associated Chronic Back Pain?

Muscle Activation San Jose are experts on the treatment and prevention of degenerative and traumatically-sustained back injuries. We focus on non-invasive techniques to treat and heal back pain.

Have Back Pain You Want Fixed?

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Do BodyBuilders Need Surgery For Back Pain?

Neurosurgeons perform more back surgery than any other specialty. Back surgery has become one of the leading answers for treating everything from pinched nerves, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and stenosis.

Obviously most clients do not need surgery, but every day dozens of patients with spine issues want a fast solution. While surgery is risky even if it’s routine, it can also have some unexpected side effects. Rather than getting your back cut open, we help clients find relief with the best options that do not involve surgery.

How Can Muscle Activation San Jose Help Bodybuilders with Back Pain?

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As a previous Men’s Physique Competitor, my approach to client care is multi-specialty. Exercise, weight loss, lifestyle change, physical therapy, body structure care, and pain management are all steps towards progress.

Initial assessments will help us identify your underlying issue of pain, where it radiates, and secondary pain-causing issues if any. Most back pain comes from a muscle strain or ligament strain. Having a strong core of musculature can stabilize and brace the spine to reduce injury. We find the weak link and strengthen it to distribute the load evenly.

What Exercises NOT to Do With Back Pain

While resting a strain or injury is ideal, we can also be selective in alternative workouts. Some exercises are contraindicated for clients with degenerative disc disease. For example, weightlifting that increases axial load — weight in line with your spine can make the pain worse. Avoid these exercises:

  • Seated leg presses
  • Deadlifts
  • Military presses
  • Weighted shoulder lunges
  • Running

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