5 Changes You Can Do To Lose Weight

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5 Changes You Can Do To Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a tough battle between yourself and your body, especially when diets leave you feeling hungry or dissatisfied. Although losing weight doesn’t have to be such an uphill battle, there are some easier ways to get yourself eating less and moving around more.

Track What You Eat


First, you’ll want to keep a food journal, this will help you with better portion control and choose smarter food choices. There are tons of Apps that now do this for you. Most will have preloaded foods and nutritional information or added your own. Muscle Activation San Jose uses our own Fitness App to track exercises and foods. We use this to communicate with clients and offer self-help at home. By tracking what you eat, you’ll become more mindful of how much you’re eating and what you’re eating. Say you notice you eat a bag of chips when you get home every day, then maybe you can set aside some nuts to eat instead. Another app you can use is FatSecret, available at Apple Store and Google Play.

Make Better Food Choices

Cut back on eating foods with lots of sugar and carbs. By doing so your body will start burning stored fat for energy instead of those carbs. In addition, by limiting your sugar and carb intake you’ll lower your insulin levels which will cause your kidneys to shed excess sodium and water. This will make you lose some of your water weight, along with some fat.

Stay away from packaged or processed food. They usually contain large amounts of sodium, fat, and sugar. Try instead to switch out processed/packaged food with healthier options that you still enjoy. Need help figuring out what foods are better than the food you’re eating? Try FoodSwitch App that tells you what foods will be a better choice. 

Beverage Choices

Try to avoid drinking fruit juice, as they contain loads of sugar. Smoothies are a much better option as they keep the fiber from the fruits and veggies while keeping you full and satisfied. Additionally, you should add sources of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.  You can be found in protein powders, low-fat milk, nut milk, greek yogurt, or oatmeal. To add more fiber to your smoothie, you can also add dark leafy greens or other veggies. 

We have all heard this before and we will say it again, keep yourself hydrated! Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger, but don’t be fooled! Remember to take sips of water throughout the day and maybe get a reusable water bottle to carry around with you.

5 Changes You Can Do To Lose Weight | Muscle Activation San Jose

Need your Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino? With 63g of Carbs, 62g of Sugar, and 410 calories in just a 16oz Grande, that’s basically a dessert. 

Try this: Green tea is a powerful drink that can give you energy and speed up your metabolism. Try 1 cup of green tea a day to kick your body into burning more fat efficiently. Can’t kick the coffee? Try to drink your coffee with a dash of low-fat milk and some honey for sweetness, maybe even a pinch of cinnamon for flavor.


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I doubt there has ever been a more sure-fire way to lose weight other than exercise, but no need to panic if you hate exercise, these tips are all simple ways to just get moving.

  • Any time you can get yourself moving, do so. If you’re hanging out watching a movie at home, get up and do some jumping jacks or jog in place, or even dance, just get moving!
  • Use the stairs when you can, it’s a super-easy way to get some exercise in.
  • Take some walks. If you’re going out to run some errands that happen to be in about the same area, then park your car in the middle of them and walk to all your errands.
  • Do some squats or push-ups optionally. You should start by doing about 10 of each, but once you’ve gotten used to that try doing more!
  • Fitness Trackers are great too but are also optional. They allow you to set goals according to your weight and calorie intake, they even track how much exercise you’ve done and how many calories you’ve burned!

Still need motivation? Try an app that will pay you to exercise! There’s a couple available where you can Get Paid you to Walk, so choose the right app that you want to participate in.

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