5 Tips For Working At Home To Prevent Stiffness In Your Body

January 14, 2022 0 Comment

5 Tips For Working At Home To Prevent Stiffness In Your Body

The moment it comes to working out at home, one is usually sluggish because you don’t have motivation from other people. You might be motivated to exercise, then the moment you sit down and take a bite, you become completely lazy and end up not doing anything at all. 

The moment you fully decide to work out at home, you will do it, and you need to work out well so that your body doesn’t become stiff. There are several things you need to consider so that your body doesn’t become rigidified. They include:

Mind your posture 

Make sure your body is in a normal posture gently arched for the correct posture. You must make sure your head and shoulders are erect and avoid leaning forward since this will strain the back and neck.  When standing, make sure you have balanced weight evenly on both feet and avoid slouching.  

Position Your computer well

When you position your laptop either too high or too low, it can strain your neck and cause fatigue, so always make sure you place the computer at the same height. 

  • Your laptop needs to be 2-3 inches above your eye- level. 
  • The monitor should be arm’s length from you. 
  • When using the laptop on your lap, make sure the computer is 6 inches before your gaze. This will ensure you don’t strain too much while typing and reading. 
  • The keyboard should also be slightly lower than your elbows and if you lack a pull out drawer, improvise with a keyboard tray instead. 

Use your smartphone correctly

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When you are working from home, and you have to answer calls, opt to walk around while talking, for this is a good exercise for your muscles and when you have to multitask, make sure you avoid clenching awkwardly because it will cause discomfort on your neck, shoulder and back. 

Repetitive movements

It would help if you modified your repetitive activities, such as holding your phone on the same side, opting to change your position to avoid straining your hands and fingers. When you have a lot planned for the day, make sure you have a schedule so that you can know

Take neck and body pain relief

When you do a lot of exercises and don’t follow the proper procedures, you will strain your neck and body so you should take painkillers to relieve your pain. The best pain reliever is Omnigel pain killer, and there is a gel and a spray for relieving your pain; make sure you know what works for you, whether it’s the spray or the gel.

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