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At Muscle Activation San Jose, we understand the struggle of living with chronic muscle tightness and pain. That’s why we’re committed to offering a revolutionary approach: Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT).

Discover the Root of Your Discomfort

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Many muscle-related issues remain hidden beneath the surface. Our advanced assessment dives deeper, using specialized techniques to identify the root cause of your discomfort. This isn’t a band-aid solution – it’s a deep dive into the what and why of your body’s pain.

Exclusive Service in the South Bay

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As the sole providers in the the South Bay with this revolutionary assessment and treatment method, we’re ready to deliver life-changing results. We’re proud to offer an unparalleled service that’s helped hundreds of clients in their journey towards pain-free living.

Complimentary Consultation and Assessment (Valued at $300)

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We believe that everyone deserves to live without pain. That’s why we’re offering a complimentary consultation and assessment. This is a $300 value service, that you can now access for free!

This comprehensive, no-cost evaluation is designed to dive deep into your body’s unique capabilities and challenges. Using a combination of advanced techniques and expert analysis, we will provide you with detailed insights that could be game-changing for your health and fitness journey.

Firstly, we start with an extensive review of your health history to understand any pre-existing conditions or potential risk factors. This helps us ensure that our approach is not only effective but also safe and personalized to your needs.

Next, we conduct a meticulous posture analysis to evaluate your alignment and stability. Poor posture can be the silent culprit behind many discomforts and dysfunctions, but our team is trained to spot and correct these before they escalate.

Following this, we assess your weight distribution – an often overlooked but vital aspect of overall fitness. Imbalances can cause strain on specific muscles and joints, leading to pain and injuries. By identifying these imbalances, we can work towards optimizing your body’s mechanics.

Finally, we perform a joint by joint comparison assessment. This method allows us to identify weak or overused areas, helping us craft a tailored fitness plan that enhances your strengths and addresses your areas of improvement.

Receive Your Personalized Roadmap

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Our team doesn’t stop at the assessment. We create a customized roadmap for your recovery. This step-by-step plan, tailored to your unique needs, guides you towards the relief you deserve.

Client Testimonials: Hear It From Our Clients

Kathryn NarasimhanKathryn Narasimhan
19:32 16 Mar 23
A chronic hip injury affected my ability to walk without pain in the last few years. After trying physical therapy again, which only seemed to aggravate it, again, and an MRI showed it to be non-reparable, I began to feel discouraged. So I feel very fortunate to have found Scott Lamb, MAT practitioner. Scott carefully assessed my muscle function through a series of mobility tests. Then, through a mix of techniques, activated the muscles that had fallen into disuse from compensation and muscle imbalances. The results have been life changing. I can walk and hike now without pain and I have more energy for exercise in general. Scott’s knowledge and expertise on physical conditioning is extensive, with an emphasis on all the latest in research. Highly recommend.
Jennifer AvilaJennifer Avila
04:22 20 Apr 22
I went to Scott due to a knee pain. From the first communication Scott is very thorough. At our first session he went over my issue, what causes it to hurt more/less and then advised on his assessment and how to approach it. After the first session, I did feel some relief in my knee. I am not familiar with muscle activation, but I do know that I went back in hopes of relieving all the pain. Scott gave me movements to work on at home, which I liked that I could also do something to strengthen it as well. After many sessions and doing the movements, my knee is no longer hurting. I highly prefer seeing Scott for muscle activation rather than go elsewhere since I could actually feel it working, not just a pill to pop or shot. Highly recommend.
Scott is just amazing, his knowledge of human muscular system is impeccable. I was suffering from back pain over 3 years and none of the countless physiotherapy, chiropractic and sports medicine sessions helped.I immediately saw benefits after my first two sessions and exponentially improved in the next five sessions. Scott constantly tests if you are improving and schedules exercises on the app in sync with your progress.Overall I had a great experience.
Teri McFaddenTeri McFadden
16:13 07 Mar 19
My daughter originally went to Scott to help with recovery from ten years of competitive gymnastics injuries. She had ligament damage in her back and ankles, and traditional physical therapy was not helping. Scott and his MAT treatments helped her to become pain free and strong enough to join a dance team, which was important for someone used to being so physically active. He had so much success with my daughter, I decided to have him treat the chronic back and arm pain I'd been living with for a couple of years from my desk job, and I am happy to report that I am also now pain free. We didn't know much about MAT before going to Scott, but it really works! Scott is professional and personable, and I highly recommend him.
Justin ChowJustin Chow
01:03 06 Mar 19
When I arrived here from a recommendation for an MAT, Scott was very welcoming and willing to speak with me about potential muscles issues I had in my body. I had a huge leg muscle injury around 7 months ago, and he did an amazing job fixing it up, and it feels better then ever! He also helped me understand the muscles in my body and ways we can work together to fix them as a whole. Scott is very knowledgeable in this line of work and I would always recommend anyone to him if they have any sort of muscle compensation, muscle tightness or joint pain!

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